Kitchen sink drama: Plumber called in to rescue trapped cat


A PLUMBER had to dismantle a kitchen sink – to rescue a trapped cat.

The pipes expert was called in after a stray wandered into the Edinburgh home of Andrew and Elaine Lyell.

After failing to escape, the animal got trapped behind a kitchen unit – where he remained for 28 hours.

The stray was trapped for 28 hours

The drama unfolded after the cat, who has since been nicknamed named Piper, somehow managed to get through a cat flap which was set to let the couple’s own pets indoors.

Andrew, 52, an accountant said: “When I saw him in the kitchen at breakfast he went berserk, ran up the curtains, pulled them down and ran in behind the washing machine.

“We knew we had a problem because he was facing the wrong way and it was a very small space – it didn’t look like he could get out of his own accord.

“Despite two visits by the Scottish SPCA with gloves, cat food and catching equipment, he stayed wedged in there.

“We put food down to try and coax him out, but it didn’t work so we decided to leave him overnight and thought in the dark he might decide to come out.

“But he somehow managed to turn around in the very narrow space and got his face wedged between the pipes.

Andrew and Elaine Lyell, pictured with their own cats, had to take time off work during the drama

“My worst case scenario was the fire brigade coming and taking the kitchen apart.”

On the second day it was decided that the cat needed to be freed.

Another two Scottish SPCA officers were sent to the house and a plumber from Scottish Gas was called in.

The workman spent around 20 minutes removing the pipe fittings to free the stricken moggie – who then made a dash for freedom.

Andrew continued: “There was an almighty scarper when he was lifted free and then the ungrateful cat just shot off.”

Andrew was forced to take two days off work during the incident, which thankfully has not left him out of pocket as the work was covered by the Scottish Gas Homecare Service.

Andrew added that it’s not the first time the cat has paid them a visit.

He said: “it’s the second time the cat has been in our house, he’s pulled down the curtains before.
“My wife called him Piper, but I wanted to call him Berserker, because to be honest I wouldn’t want to meet him again.”

Steph Grant, an animal rescue officer with the Scottish SPCA, said: “We were called to rescue a cat who had entered a house in Edinburgh and become trapped behind a kitchen unit.

“Due to its position, the cat was extremely difficult to reach and a plumber had to remove two pipes to allow us access.

“Thankfully, after our continued efforts, we were able to free this cat and release it unharmed.”

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