Human fat and love cuffs among the top ten confiscated airport items


Love cuffs and crustaceans are top of the list for the strangest items confiscated at Stansted Airport.

Today’s travellers are not up to speed when it comes to airport security liquid allowance, with nearly half (44%) admitting they don’t know the 100ml rule, according to London Stansted Airport.

Despite the 100ml law coming into force nearly six years ago, an alarming number of Brits (36%) still don’t know what constitutes a ‘liquid’ under airport regulations.

Airport security figures revealed top ten most bizarre items confiscated  Photo:Edward  


Three in five (60%) believe baked beans are exempt while a staggering (28%) don’t think water counts as a liquid.

Cosmetics are also a source of confusion, with many believing everyday make-up items don’t need to be placed into a plastic bag for security checks, including lipstick (82%), mascara (60%) and foundation (47%).

Two in five (40%) think the airport security rules are confusing but the uncertainty doesn’t stop with just liquid; travellers are trying to take a number of weird and wonderful items through security.

The top ten most bizarre items confiscated at London Stansted security were as follows; Crustaceans, love cuffs, human body fat, a sweet jar containing live goldfish, machete, snow globes, drills and sanders, sling shots, dirty nappies and air rifles.

The research highlights that this lack of security know-how means that customers are holding up queues at security to declare items. While more than one in five (27%) admit to having had items confiscated once, 20% have been stopped on more than more occasion.


Of those that had to handover items at security, many tried to talk their way out of it with excuses such as “I forgot they were in my bag” (47%), followed by “I didn’t know what the legal size limit was for liquids (26%)” and “I didn’t realise they were actual liquids” (23%).

John Farrow, Head of Terminal at London Stansted Airport, said: “We’re constantly amazed by some of the bizarre items that people try to take through security – some of which simply can’t be mentioned here!

“With an increasing number of people opting to travel with only hand luggage, we are urging travellers to make sure they take time to understand the security regulations before leaving home.

“AsLondon’s most punctual airport, we pride ourselves on having processes in place that ensure a fast and efficient journey through the airport.

“However, no one likes to stand in queues so make sure you are ready for the checks at the time of packing to avoid any unnecessary delays in the airport.”


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