Trump’s rant shows “weak grasp on reality”


A SEVEN page rant, the latest by US tycoon Donald Trump, shows his irrational fears over the impact wind turbines will have on Scotland, say Scottish Greens.

The property magnate’s written submission comes ahead of his appearance next week at the Scottish Parliament as part on an inquiry into the government’s renewable energy targets.

To mark the occasion Green MSP Patrick Harvie is sponsoring a screening at Holyrood of the multi-award winning documentary You’ve Been Trumped, in which the Trump Organization’s shocking treatment of the environment and Aberdeenshire residents is revealed.

Donald Trump says windfarms will damage Scottish tourism

Mr Trump’s submission puts the words “carbon emissions” in quotes, underlining earlier comments he has made in the media disputing climate change.

Energy committee member, Green MSP Patrick Harvie, said: Mr Trump’s appearance next week will no doubt create a circus atmosphere and Trump has clearly chosen to play the clown. His behaviour does himself and the anti-wind lobby he is funding no favours. His latest rant shows how weak his grasp on reality is.

“Scotland has great renewable energy potential as more shrewd businesspeople can see. Instead of embracing that potential Mr Trump has ripped up a unique and sensitive swathe of our coastline and now throws a hissy fit because he’s not getting his own way.

“While he will receive the courtesy extended to all visitors to parliament I’m sure most Scots believe his type of ill-informed bullying isn’t welcome.”

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  1. Ill informed buylling exactly descrbes the Scottish Green’s response to Donald Trumps presentation. Are they unwilling to brook any dissent to their fanatacism ? Shame on you Mr Harvie.

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