Size does matter for Brits abroad


WIVES and girlfriends are hijacking their partners’ luggage allowance with the equivalent of a 5kg sack of spuds when holidaying together.

According to research by London Stansted Airport, more than half of men (52%) claim they have to sacrifice space in their suitcase in order to accommodate their overloaded partners.

Couples hoping for a relaxing break face tensions before they even get off the ground.

Many women confessed to taking over their partner’s in-flight baggage allowance

One in three women (37%) confessed that they’ve had to frantically reshuffle the contents of their bags at the check in desk to meet the weight limit and 48% admit they take too much on holiday.

This panic packing could well be the result of confusion around luggage allowance, with more than one in five women (22%) admitting they don’t check airline packing restrictions before heading to the airport.

Despite a quarter of travellers (25%) spending three hours packing their suitcases, it appears this time is not well spent with some rushing out the door without crucial travel items such as passports or boarding passes (13%) sun cream and sunglasses (15%) or phone chargers and international power adaptors (10%).

Mandy Mather, Terminal Manager from London Stansted Airport said: “The days of saying ‘don’t forget your toothbrush’ are long gone.  Now the question should be: what can we leave at home? Unfortunately it seems a lot of passengers want to have their cake – and pack it.  If you’re unsure about baggage allowance or rules, then please check our website to ensure a smooth journey through arrivals.”

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