Police hunt thug who shot cat dead


POLICE are hunting a callous thug who shot a pet cat dead with an air rifle.

Paolo managed to struggle back to his home in Edinburgh, wailing in pain, but had to be put down.

An X-ray showed an air rifle pellet lodged in the one-year-old’s chest.

Distraught Lesley Webster described the moment the stricken pet returned home. She said:”When he came into the house he was wailing, there was obviously something wrong with him.

One-year-old cat Paolo was shot once in the flank


“He was lying in a funny position and after he just fell over we took him to the vet.”

The 44-year-old added: “I was absolutely stunned, I was so upset. I just couldn’t believe someone would have the mentality to do something like that.”

Lesley was looking after her son Andrew’s cat, as the 24-year-old was away working in Aberdeen.

She has two cats of her own , Charlie and Corkie, who are also distraught at Paolo’s loss.

She said: “Poor Charlie is wandering around aimlessly, he doesn’t know where Paolo is. They were friends.”

Crematorium worker Lesley Webster rushed the cat to the vet after discovering the injury


Lesley fears the animal could have been deliberately lured by the shooter using food.

She said: “There’s a field behind our house. I had a look there’s a dead fox and some packets of food lying nearby.

“It seems like somebody’s been trying to tempt animals there.”

After appealing for information online and with friends, she said a neighbour had reported seeing damage from airgun pellets at a nearby pub.

She said: “A neighbour spotted four airgun pellet dents in the door of the pub. He reported it to the owner but nothing was done about it.

“I don’t know anyone who would have a gun like that.”

X-rays of the cat clearly showed the pellet lodged inside


Police today appealed for information about the shooting in the Saughtonhall area of the city on Wednesday afternoon.

A Lothian and Borders police spokeswoman said: “This incident has left the owner understandably distressed, and we are asking anyone who may know what happened to get in touch.

“We are also appealing for anyone who may have been in the area in or around Saughtonhall Avenue on Wednesday afternoon and who may have seen someone with an air weapon, to contact us on 0131 311 3131.”

Despite their best efforts vets could not save Paolo as the pellet had most likely caused internal bleeding from a nicked liver, Lesley Webster said.

Lesley’s son Andrew Webster gave Paolo to his girlfriend Rachel Walker, 21, as a birthday present in 2010.

The cat was being looked after by Lesley at her house in Edinburgh.

Lesley's son Andrew and his girlfriend Rachel were both devastated by the attack


Lesley Webster, said: “Andrew and Rachel are absolutely devastated, he’s really upset and his girlfriend is pretty cut up as well.

“With hindsight it seems the pellet nicked his liver as it went in.

“Paolo probably died from internal bleeding, or his heart might have given out in shock.”

The death of a two-year old boy in 2005 led to a row over airgun laws north of the border.

Andrew Morton, 2, was killed when he was shot with a pellet gun by Mark Bonini near his home in Easterhouse, Glasgow.

Andrew’s mum Sharon McMillan campaigned for an Andrew’s Law calling for a ban on airguns in Scotland at the time.

The Scottish government has been given powers over airgun laws by the UK but ministers have said they do not want to ban the weapons but will focus on better regulation and licensing.

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  1. Makes mw so angry when I hear about things like this. I hope they find whoever done this. Although they would likely just get a fine hadly any justice for poor Paolo or his owners : (

  2. Absolutely disgusting, hope they find the sick person, or should I say vermin, who did this. They should maybe shoot them with an airgun and see how they feel.

  3. It is more disgusting when cats using my garden as a toilet. If you want to have a pet keep it at home.
    You are hyporites, you don’t mind kfc that is made from chicken (that use to be alive) or burgers from mc donald but you are so indignant when somebody shoot a cat.
    I think we should be allowed to kill them as there are to many of them.

  4. Paul – Meat in these establishments is from farmers who have bred the animals to be killed and sold as meat. That is not the same as someone buying an animal as a pet, and then it getting shot by someone, for the sake of shooting it.

    It is understandable that you find it irritating when cats do the toilet in your garden, as you are evidently not a cat person. However, I don’t really think that it’s therefore legitimate to shoot them “because there are too many”. These are people’s pets. I personally am not a dog person, but it doesn’t mean other people can’t find them enjoyable company.

    Conversely to what you say, surely it is hypocritical to think it is ok to shoot cats, but are so aware of the meat that goes into KFC/McDonald’s.

    In short, just no. You evidently are not compassionate enough to understand.

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