“Come clean about Trump dinner”, Salmond told


DONALD Trump today reiterated his feeling that he had been “misled” by Alex Salmond over a windfarm planned near his golf course project in Aberdeenshire.

Mr Trump confirmed that at a dinner in New York in October 2007 – which he attended at the invitation of the First Minister – he believed Mr Salmond assured him the windfarm project would not go ahead because the area was a busy shipping lane, and that there were strong objections from the MoD.

This assurance has been denied by Mr Salmond.

Donald Trump was protected by police as he left parliament

The Scottish Conservatives are now calling for him to reveal details of the dinner, and other correspondence exchanged between the two.

Scottish Conservative energy spokeswoman Mary Scanlon said: “The pressure really is mounting now for the First Minister to disclose exactly what conversations he and Mr Trump had about this project, particularly at this dinner in New York.

“In his evidence today, Mr Trump was adamant about assurances given to him by Mr Salmond, which included that area being a crucial shipping lane, and objections from the MoD.

“Rather than simply deny this, the First Minister must disclose all correspondence between the two, minutes from meetings and reveal exactly what he said at that dinner in New York.

“This is too important an issue to dodge. It is not only this windfarm development that will be affected by this hearing.

“Communities all over Scotland want the planning process on windfarms to be absolutely transparent, and not once that is vulnerable to being abused by the Scottish Government to suit its own policies.”

The Greens also attacked Trump’s evidence, calling it “non-existent”.

Green MSP and energy committee member Patrick Harvie believes the American billionaire has shown he lacks credibility.

The committee also heard from Communities Against Turbines Scotland who when pressed on the issue of climate change stated, despite overwhelming scientific evidence, “the jury is out”.

Mr Harvie said: “By bellowing ‘I am the evidence’ Mr Trump blew his chance to show some credibility. He underlined his denial of climate change and trotted out tired old myths, including his own fictional approval rating. It’s time to ask exactly who this arrogant bully thinks he is. He really needs to learn how to behave in other people’s countries.

“Communities Against Turbines appeared to suggest they have had no funding from Mr Trump and we need clarification of that, given their media statements to the contrary.

“Scotland has signed up to important climate change and renewable energy targets and we owe it to future generations to make the transition to low carbon energy. We must not be distracted by the kind of circus we witnessed today.”

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