Scottish Water take action to protect and improve drinking water sources


A SCHEME offering financial assistance to land managers, owners and tenants has been launched to enhance drinking water for around 330,000 people in Scotland by reducing diffuse pollution.

Scottish Water’s Best Practice Incentive Scheme will help land managers, owners and tenants implement measures to improve and protect six of Scotland’s key water supply catchments – the River Ugie and River Deveron catchments in Aberdeenshire, the Loch of Lintrathen in Angus, Craigendunton Reservoir in Ayrshire, the Dumfries Aquifer catchment and the Loch Ascog catchment in Argyll and Bute.

Following treatment, these catchments provide over 360,000 people with clean, safe drinking water.

As well as affecting water quality, diffuse pollution can affect the business profitability of farms through the loss of valuable nutrients, top soils and pesticides.

Under the new scheme, land managers, owners and tenants will be able to apply for financial assistance for a range of measures.

Peter Brown, Scottish Water’s Water Quality Regulation Manager, said: “Scottish Water takes water from the environment and treats it to provide wholesome supplies of drinking water for the people of Scotland. The vast majority of the water in the environment is unpolluted and, with treatment, it is suitable for public drinking water supply.

“But we are not complacent and want to reduce the impact of diffuse pollution. By working together with land managers, owners and tenants in the catchments of drinking water sources, we can enhance drinking water standards, protect public health and promote more sustainable solutions than traditional treatment processes.

“The Best Practice Incentive Scheme provides financial assistance for innovative and sustainable approaches to prevent diffuse pollution reaching watercourses and keeping drinking water sources pristine, in the best interests of our customers and the environment.”


Further details of Scottish Water’s Best Practice Incentive Scheme, the specific issues in each catchment and the range of measures we may finance in each catchment can be found at:

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