Police issue summer warning for road users


MOTORCYCLISTS and drivers are being urged to “think and drive responsibly” as traffic levels increase ahead of the May Day weekend and the summer months.

Traffic levels have already started to rise as the tourism season gets underway and Police are keen to remind drivers and motorcyclists to be more aware on the roads of the Highlands and Islands.

Both drivers and motorcyclists have a responsibility to respect each other’s space on the roads and to adhere to the speed limits. The slogan “arrive alive,” is as poignant today as it ever was and road users are reminded that “getting to a destination is far more important than how quickly you get there.”

Northern Constabulary is home to some of the most magnificent stretches of road in the UK and Police want people to enjoy these roads and not become a road traffic statistic due to driving carelessly, recklessly or at excessive speed.

Drivers are urged to be more aware of motorcycles as the biking season approaches, but Police also want bikers to respect other road users at the same time.

Northern Constabulary’s Road Safety Officer, Laura Fisher said: “Year-on-year there is still a disproportionate number of motorcycles involved in collisions and unfortunately these often result in serious injury for those involved.

“Motorcyclists and their passengers are more vulnerable to injury than other vehicle users and I would urge all road users to be aware of motorcycles. Just remember that motorcycles can be less visible than other vehicles. Motorcyclists need to appreciate and be aware of changing road conditions at all times, and the fact that their personal skill level may have deteriorated over the winter months.”

She added: “However, our message is not solely aimed at drivers. Motorcyclists also have a responsibility to make themselves more highly visible to other road users and to ride with care.”

Northern Safety Camera Partnership will also be out on the roads to deter any motorcyclists or drivers who are putting people’s lives at risk due to excessive speed.

For up to date information on road conditions and all aspects of motorcycling in Scotland, please visit the dedicated website www.aroundthecorner.org.uk

We would advise motorcyclists to:

* Sharpen up their riding skills, and consider further training to achieve this.

* Think about your position, gear and speed especially when entering a series of bends.

* Be aware of changeable road conditions and the unpredictability of the Scottish weather.

* Always wear appropriate clothing and stay warm.

* If using a tinted visor, carry an additional clear spare as weather/light conditions can change.

Other road users should:

* Be aware of an increase in motorcycle traffic over the spring and summer months.

* Consider motorcyclists at junctions and in urban areas.

* Give motorcyclists space, as they may need to deviate course without warning

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