Bogus workmen scam pensioner out of thousands


Police are keen to trace a team of bogus workmen who are believed to have scammed an elderly woman out of a substantial amount of money.

The woman was approached by two males at her property on Rossway Road, Kirkcudbright on Tuesday May 1 at  lunchtime

The men were posing as building contractors and claimed she had to pay them a substantial amount of cash for roofing work that needed to be done.

After a short while a third male soon attended and physically took her to a local bank to withdraw the cash. He then took her to a second bank to extract more money from another account held by her. The third male remained in the car throughout.

The total amount of money stolen in the scam has still to be established, however it is believed to reach into the thousands.

Sergeant Iain Johnstone from Kirkcudbright said: “This is an utterly despicable crime and we are eager to trace this team of criminals before anyone else is targeted.

“These types of criminals can be difficult to track as they are mobile and constantly move around the country targeting different areas before moving to another location

“For that reason we need the help of the local community, if you see any suspicious workmen in your area, do not hesitate to call us.

“These criminals have no shame and target the elderly, vulnerable or those that live alone. It is vile type of crime that leaves one shaking their head at how they can live with their conscious. No one likes to imagine their vulnerable or elderly loved ones being targeted in a way such as this.

“If you are not convinced that any workman in your area is reputable, call us immediately with as much information as possible, such as their appearance, accent and detail of any vehicle they are using, such as make, model and registration plate.

“Remember to never give out any personal or banking details to someone you don’t know. If anyone attends your door, do not let them into your property. Always ask for identification. A genuine workman will not mind you making checks on them. Speak to trusted friends and family to see if they are aware or have references. If anyone calls at your door and raises suspicion, call the police on 0845 600 5701.”

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