Mother faces deportation


 A MOTHER and her three children are facing deportation to Malawi this evening.

Angelina Pirira Mwafulirwa and her family are currently in the Family Detention Centre, CEDARS but are due to be forcibly removed from the UK tonight.

Waverly Care, Scotland’s leading HIV charity is concerned for the safety of the family should they be forced to return to their home-country of Malawi.

Angeline is due to leave the UK tonght  Picture:  Agamitsudo

The UK Border Agency arrested Angeline and her three children, Natasha, David and, Paula aged 12, 10 and 2 years old, from their flat in Lenzie Terrace, Glasgow. Angeline and her children were disturbed by banging and shouting at their door by Home Office staff wearing stab-proof vests, who then invaded the flat and arrested them. Angeline described the men as “aggressive and prepared for violence”.

Angeline arrived in the United Kingdom in 2006. Her eldest two children attend school in Glasgow and her youngest child was born in the UK.

Angeline has claimed for asylum under the grounds that her case is a LGBT one. It has been well documented that the LGBT community in Malawi have often been subject to imprisonment, police violence, and also exclusion from housing and health services as a result of their sexual orientation.

Waverly Charity are requesting the public to contact the Home Secretary, Theresa May and request the removal of Angeline and her children to be halted.

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  1. The family wasn’t “arrested” – they were collected for a legal deportation – the family probably chose not to prepare themselves for repatriation to their own country.

    The wearing of “stab-proof vests” is advisable as protection against any violence from asylum seekers and/or their supporters.

    The immigration officers did not “invade” the flat, they knocked on the door to gain entrance – “banging and shouting” would be unnecessary – unless the failed asylum family refused to open the door.

    “Angeline described the men as “aggressive and prepared for violence”.” Well Angeline would, wouldn’t she – to partly prevent her deportation.

    “LGBT” – she’s having a laugh – three kids and she’s now claiming LGBT (lol)

    Fingers crossed the family are now on the deportation flight back from whence she came.

  2. Why is Waverly Care, a HIV+ charity, taking an interest in this case? Is Mwafulirwa HIV+? If so, there is no reason that she cannot return to Malawi. ARVs and CD4 counts are either free or available at very low cost. If she has to pay, then £5 per month will cover the treatment, and Waverly Care can send her that if need be.

    Re the second-last paragraph: what is well documented are, in fact, lies and distortions which the Cream of Civilisation trot out to malign Malawi. In this country of 15 million, there must be hundreds or thousands of homosexual acts every day. Only a single case has been prosecuted, and that was because one homosexual couple went out of their way to publicise what they were up to. The couple were likely supported and funded by First World, homosexual-rights activists. Stupidly, the authorities made an issue of the case, and the couple were tried and sentenced to jail. However, they were pardoned soon after, and lived happily ever after.

    Is this going to turn into another case like the Florence Mhango affair, where your politicians and activists lied about Malawi to justify her not being deported? As far as I am aware, your Home Secretary saw no reason for stopping Mhango’s deportation, despite a similar campaign to malign Malawi. Put it another way, Mwafulirwa and Waverly Care are lying about Malawi.

  3. Lies, lies, lies. Thr truth shall be revealed. I am a Malawian female (whose lived in the both UK and Malawi) and I have never heard anyone, including myself, being subjected to such a practice as female genital mutilation. It’s not a Malawian practice. Please chonde!

  4. Hi Peter,

    The mother and her supporters are using the same (not accepted) claim that was used in an attempt to prevent the deportation of Florence and Precious Mhango …. *”Furthermore, Angeline and her family’s fears of ill-treatment and persecution should they be returned to Malawi extend beyond her sexuality. Angeline fears that her ex-husband and his family will attempt to take her children away from her as they do not approve of Angeline’s sexuality. Moreover, Angeline has reason to believe that two of her children are at risk of being targeted for FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) by overzealous family members.”

    As you state, our Home Office & Theresa May, the Home Secretary found the Mhangos’ fears to have no merit and ordered their deportation (the Mhangos absconded). I sincerely hope this is not “going to turn into another case like the Florence Mhango affair”.

    Cheers (SNY)

    *Unity Centre Glasgow

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