The worst thing about being Andy Murray’s brother? – watching him play


THE worst thing about being Andy Murray’s brother is having to watch his sibling play at top tennis matches – according to Jamie Murray.

Referring to his younger brother’s string of semi-final and final defeats, Jamie said he found it “difficult” to sit through the games.

When asked what the worst thing about being Andy Murray’s brother was, Jamie said: “The worst part is probably sitting watching his matches in grand slams, semi-finals, finals.

“You know how hard he’s worked to that point and to get over the line is what he wants to do. Everyone wants that for him and it’s difficult to sit there through that for three or four hours.”

During an interview to a sports blog, the world number four, Andy Murray, said he got more pleasure from winning doubles matches alongside his brother, than from his singles wins.

He said: “The worst thing for me is losing doubles. For me that’s tough. I want to try to win. The reason it’s the worst part is that doubles stresses me out more than singles, so I’d say that, but it does also give me more enjoyment when I win, too.”

He said the best thing about having a professional tennis player as a brother was getting to travel together.

The brothers won together in Valencia in November 2010 and in Tokyo in October last year.

Andy said: “The best thing’s probably when we’re travelling the world that we always have family with us because it can get pretty lonely. That’s always good.”

Speaking to the blog, Jamie added: “That’s not something that many other people get. It’s rare to have that. At least we’re in the same shoes. Of course he’s playing at a better level of tennis but we’re still playing at the same (general) level, so we can understand each other’s life.

“Whereas I am sure a lot of other brothers and sisters don’t have that sense of understanding. It’s great to have that support when you’re travelling all the time.”

Jamie Murray revealed earlier this year he wants to form an Olympic doubles dream team with his brother Andy this summer.


  1. by “defeats”, you mean that Andy Murray had a string of matches in which he lost? And, therefore, Jamie was uncomfortable sitting in the audience watching his brother struggle.. right?

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