Blues-busting power of bluebell woods


A BLUES-busting wild flower can help the nation through tough times, the Woodland Trust Scotland said today.

Visiting woods at any time of year benefits physical health and mental wellbeing, but bluebell time provides an extra tonic. Psychologists believe blue is a soothing and peaceful colour which calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity.

To emphasise the blues-busting benefits of bluebell woods a blues band will perform among the flowers at an Edinburgh beautyspot today.

The colour blue is thought to be calming  Photo:Oast House Archive

“A bluebell wood at this time of year is actually one of nature’s great tranquillisers and mood improvers,” said Andrew Fairbairn of the Woodland Trust Scotland.

“And it is free of charge, with no side-effects.

“The news seems grim and the world is an anxious place right now. You could say we have a collective case of The Blues. So we invite you to harness the blues-busting power of these flowers to recharge your batteries in your nearest bluebell wood.” is home to the world’s largest bluebell woods database. With over 1000 to choose from there are plenty of places to find these pretty blue flowers – and enjoy their calming stress-busting effects. Simply enter your postcode to find the nearest bluebell wood to visit.


This year saw the flowers bloom earlier than normal  Photo:MichaelMaggs

Bluebells are coming into full bloom around Scotland so there is no better time to take advantage of their stress-busting benefits.

This year Scotland witnessed the earliest flowering bluebells for a decade, thanks perhaps to the mild winter and cold snap in February.

Research shows that a visit to the woods or local green space, even without bluebells, makes people feel better physically and mentally, especially when combined with moderate exercise.

VisitWoods is a partnership project, led by the Woodland Trust Scotland which is funded by the Forestry Commission Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage.

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