Smoke alarm saves lives


GRAMPIAN Fire and Rescue Service were called to a flat in Logie Avenue this morning after fire broke out in the kitchen. An overheated pan had burst into flames and set the kitchen alight. The smoke alarm worked as it should and alerted the occupants to the fire. One person made an attempt to extinguish the blaze while another phoned 999 and called out the Fire and Rescue Service.

Watch Manager Colin Laing who was officer-in-charge at the scene said:

“The smoke alarm was critical in saving lives here. It alerted the occupants to the fire and gave them opportunity to escape the building and call for help. I believe that this could have developed into a serious fire very quickly and this fire serves as a very visible reminder that smoke alarms save lives.”


The fire in the flat on Logie Avenue, Aberdeen started in the kitchen

Grampian Fire and Rescue Service rescued two people from the flat and one was treated by ambulance personnel for smoke inhalation.

Station Manager Paul Geddes of Aberdeen City Command said:

“This fire had great potential for a tragic end and the working smoke detector did exactly what it was supposed to. I’d take this opportunity to again highlight the dangers of leaving pans unattended when cooking and also reinforce the message of ‘Get Out : Call Us Out : Stay Out’.

Grampian Fire and Rescue Service offers free home fire safety visits and free smoke detectors by contacting the community fire safety department on Aberdeen 01224 618340.

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