30 firefighters tackle recycling blaze


MORE than 30 firefighters battled a blaze in a recycling facility in Dundee.

Crews were called at around 4.52am today to Dundee Energy Recycling Ltd (DERL).

On arrival the fire, involving a large quantity of waste materials, was developing inside a waste storage and sorting room and was spreading through the conveyor and ducting system.

Following initial assessment by the Incident Commander additional resources were requested in support to tackle the fire.

Fire control dispatched five fire engines to join the two already on scene.

At the peak of the incident over 30 firefighters were deployed using breathing masks with three jets.

The sprinkler system installed within the building was deployed in order to prevent fire spread and to assist firefighters to bring the fire under control.

Due to the swift actions taken by the firefighters the fire was quickly brought under control at approximately 6.38 am.

Fire crews are expected to remain on the scene for a number of hours, checking for fire spread and dealing with small pockets of fire within the ducting and rubbish conveyor system.

The cause of the fire is not yet known however an investigation will be undertaken in conjunction with the plant operator to determine the cause.

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