Nurse charged with having sexual relationship with patient


A MENTAL health nurse had a sexual relationship with a patient, visiting football matches and staying over at his house, it is claimed.

Linda May Thomson, who worked at Royal Cornhill Hospital  in Aberdeen, faces 19 separate charges of misconduct.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) also alleges Ms Thomson shared Cava with the man, named only as Patient A, in a relationship which began in January 2009.

She worked at the hospital’s Corgarff Ward, which deals with patients with acute mental health problems.

Ms Thomson could be struck off from the nurses’ register if she is found guilty of misconduct.

The NMC’s charges say Ms Thomson: “Visited his flat on one or more occasion when Patient A was not in your care.

The charges add she: “Exchanged personal telephone numbers with him.”



Ms Thomson also accepted a key to the patient’s flat, it is claimed.

The charges also say: “Following a holiday from around 13 to 20 March 2009, [Ms Thomson] behaved in an inappropriate manner in that [she] gave Patient A one or more gifts.”

Between February and April 2009, she had dinner and went to the pub with with the patient, as well as watching football matches with him at her house, the charges say.

It is also alleged she and the patient visited football stadiums together between February and April 2009.

The charges go on to say between January and April 2009 Ms Thomson “Visited his flat on one or more occasion” and they “Drank Cava together.”



They also kissed, cuddled, and engaged in sexual touching on more than one occasion over the same period, the charges say.

Ms Thomson stayed overnight at his house, and he at hers, several times between February and April 2009, the NMC charges say.

The NMC says her conduct was “sexually motivated”, and she did not document their “interactions” in the patient’s medical notes and records.

The conduct hearing, which will be held in Edinburgh in June, is scheduled to last two days.