Syringe horror at new allotment site


PLANS for an allotment had to be put on hold after horrified council workers discovered more than a dozen used syringes on the site.

Instead of harvesting a vegetable crop, the workers will have to dig out the syringes found at the Kirkcaldy plot.

The sickening discovery was made in an area where children regularly play.

Work has been suspended while an investigation is carried out

But the land has been earmarked as an allotment and Fife council has halted preparation work while an investigation is carried out.

Fife council’s allotment officer, Peter Duncan, said: A great deal of work has gone into regenerating this area of land and improving the appearance of the local area.

“This was open space that in the past attracted anti-social behaviour and vast amounts of fly tipping.

“This has now been cleared and the land cultivated.

“Unfortunately when fences were being put up on site some syringes were found and it was felt in the best interests of employee and public safety that work should stop to allow a proper assessment of the area.”


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