Animal sanctuary looks for pal for tiny rescue donkey


A DONKEY sanctuary is looking for a new pal for their youngest ever rescue.

Tiny Moses was rescued by the Scottish Borders Donkey Sanctuary after it was orphaned after birth.

After his mum died, the foal was then bundled into the front seat of his owner’s car to be sold.

But now, three-month-old Moses, aptly named because he was found by a Mrs Reid, is being homed at the donkey sanctuary in the Borders but is struggling to get on with the other animals.

Owner of the centre, Rosemary Dale said: “We’re just hoping to get Moses healthy and find a companion for him. Maybe someone has an orphaned foal they could lend us for three months. He’s in a field with some of our oldest residents but they’re having nothing to do with him.

“He’s so pretty and fluffy, and has a lovely wee face- he’s like something out of a fairy story.”

Speaking about Mrs Reid who found Moses, she said: “She fed him on goats milk which is not quite right for him and our vet is a bit worried his tummy might not be right.”

Moses is now being fed on special formula to try and correct his deficiencies.

The Sanctuary first heard about the foal when a friend phoned to say he was advertised online for sale.

But Moses was taken off the site by the time the charity went online.

Another friend of the rescue centre then found Moses advertised in a newspaper and made contact.

Mrs Dale added: “Mrs Reid is a lovely person but is quite elderly and she’s never had anything to do with donkeys before. A foal learns from its mother and had become a bit of a handful, he was knocking her over.

“She could have sold him a few times but they weren’t the right kind of people- some were going to try and keep him in the garden. She was relieved when we contacted her.”

Foals usually stay with their mother until they are at least six months old but Moses was forced to fend for himself at just three months.

Moses was bought from Mrs Reid by an anonymous donor and was then transported at a reduced rate to the centre at St Boswells.

The 80 acre sanctuary is home to 75 donkeys as well as Moses, and holds tours at the weekend.



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