Brave move: Scotland map Disney work


DISNEY might be releasing a new animated film based in Scotland but it’s doubtful they know much about the country if their map is anything to go by.

The film company published an advertising video promoting the Adventures by Disney Parks on YouTube.

But bosses appear to have depicted the Scots/English border as starting near Edinburgh and finishing near Oban.

Disney’s map shows the Scots/English border too far north

The Kingdom of Fife is also depicted as being separate from the rest of Scotland.

And rather than label England as independent of Scotland, Disney bosses have decided to brand it as the United Kingdom, a term which encompasses both Scotland and England as well as Wales and Northern Ireland.

Disney who along with Pixar are scheduled to release animated film Brave at the Edinburgh Film Festival on June 30 this year might find they’ve upset the nation the flick is meant to emulate.

Brave includes top Scot actors such as Billy Connolly and Robbie Coltrane as well as Kelly MacDonald, who found early fame as Mark Renton’s teen love-interest Diane in Trainspotting.

Disney Parks were unavailable comment.

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    • Don’t take the Mickey! There may well be some reason for the map design being a bit Goofy, other than disney not giving a Daffy Duck about research…

    • At no point in history has that ever been the border. This is a ridiculous map. Another example of poor American geography. The United Kingdom has never existed without the inclusion of Scotland, and if it’s supposed to be before the Union, which looking at the trailers I presume it is, then the country south of Scotland is England! why is this so difficult for some people?

  1. Since the film is supposedly set in the 10th Century, putting up a link to a map from the 6th Century isn’t relevant. Besides, this Disney map is nowhere near to historical reality at ANY time in Scottish history. It uses the totally anachronistic term United Kingdom, many centuries before that came into existence. And if what it refers to as Scotland is in fact Pictland, that included Fife. The Northumbrians who ruled over Lothian at one point called the Firth of Forth the Pictish Sea. And anyway how can ALL of Dalriada, the land of the Scots, be included, not in Scotland, but in the United Kingdom/England? The Disney corporation is a huge multi-billion dollar multinational corporation. They could have afforded to have somebody with some slight knowledge of history to advise them. In coming up with this ridiculous map, they clearly didn’t consult any historians. Dalriada was, historically, the land of the Scots. This Disney map shows ALL of Dalriada as part of the United Kingdom/England. Not even artistic licence can excuse that. Fair enough they wanted to simplify things, but they could have come up with a simplified map which nevertheless bore at least some resemblance to Scotland in some period of history. THIS map bears no resemblance to Scotland at ANY period of history.

  2. Grrrrrr! As a Fifer I am not amused that we’ve have been left oot of Scotland! Disney disnae ken anything!

  3. American Geography

    the correct groupings as for back and 900AD

    The Future i hope for
    The Republic of Scotland
    The Republic of Wales (unlikely as wales has been under English control since the 900s)
    The Republic of England
    The Republic of Ireland
    Toff-land (London and the southeast)

    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    The Irish Free State

    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

    Kingdom of Great Britain
    Kingdom of Ireland

    843-1707 (Scotland)
    Kingdom of Scotland

    927–1707 (Rest of Great Britain)
    Kingdom of England

    Before 927 (Rest of Great Britain)
    Kingdom of Wessex
    Kingdom of Mercia
    Kingdom of East Anglia
    Kingdom of Northumbria
    Principality of Wales
    Kingdom of Cornwall

  4. Considering most pixar films are fictional (I have never met a talking car) i see no reason why they should start adhering to historical maps and other facts now, to tell a story.
    Regardless of whether the story touches on some historical figures or events, it is a story written by Disney. If this spoils your enjoyment of the film then you may have problems with fiction.

  5. right thats is ARGYLL (the birthplace of Scotland as a United country – ish) time to call for INDEPENDANCE! Also United Kingdom was not formed until 1707.

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