Frankie has go at Holyrood: Boyle “removed” from school’s Wall of Fame


CONTROVERSIAL comedian Frankie Boyle has claimed that bosses at his old school in Glasgow removed him from their wall of fame.

Holyrood High RC boasts singers Jim Kerr and Fran Healey among its famous old boys but Boyle told his 540,000  Twitter followers his picture had been removed.

He tweeted: “Check that out. My old school had me up on their wall of fame and took me down! My 15 year old self is proud as f*** right now.”

The former Mock the Week panellist then tweeted it was retaliation for making highly-offensive remarks about a former teacher.

Fellow comedian Greg Hemphill stepped in to offer Boyle words of sympathy, tweeting: “My mate’s school in Dulwich had a wall of fame that excluded ex-student Marc Bolan. So you’re in good company, exclusionwise.”

Hemphill advised Boyle to “call them up and say, ‘Hi. It’s me. When did you take it down? What was the straw that broke the camel’s back?’”

Boyle responed: “Apparently it was discussing my…teacher’s impotence at a book signing.”

He added: “Haha…it’s really tickled me pink!”

Addressing current students and dedicating a link to a song to them, he added: “This one goes out to everybody at Holyrood. Work hard, one day you might get taken off the wall. Good luck little G’s.”

But Deputy head teacher Tony Flynn denied the school had a ‘hall of fame’ and questioned whether Boyle’s picture had ever been on display.

He said: “We have a staircase where have photos of some former pupils but to call it a hall of fame would be false.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had a picture of Frankie Boyle in the school.”

Asked who did feature in the stairway, he added: “One is a dentist, one is a policewoman. We have Jim Kerr but that’s the only one you’d know.”

Boyle, whose recent comedy targets included Katie Price’s disabled son, attended the school after finishing his primary education at St Convals.

Other former pupils of Holyrood include three members of the band Simple Minds – Jim Kerr,  Charlie Burchill and Brian McGee.

Actor Joe McFadden, artist James Meechan, radio presenter Des Clark and Travis frontman Fran Healy also attended the school.

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