Police appeal to snare irresponsible dog owners


A SCOTS police force is looking to trace irresponsible dog owners after a sheep and a lamb had to be put down and a dog was left in a distressed state.

Fife police say there has been several incidents over recent months in the Falkland area, where dogs have attacked sheep, culminating in an incident this week where an adult sheep and its lamb were so horrifically injured that they had to be humanely destroyed.

PC Suzy O’Brien is seeking assistance in tracing the dog and its owners. She said: “The injuries to these animals, particularly the adult sheep, were so significant that the owner could not fail to note the contaminants on their dog from contact with this sheep”

The police is looking for the owners of a dog which attacked sheep

Also this week in the Levenmouth area a small female German Shepherd dog was found tethered to a tree in a distressed state. It was severely underweight and had a fabric muzzle on, which completely restricted the dogs ability to pant and dissipate heat.

PC Judson Howie, who is attempting to trace the dog’s owners and who is himself a keen dog owner said: “Dogs have no sweat glands and have to pant to lose heat. They are very prone to heat stroke and to abandon a dog with no water, and an inability to keep cool beggars belief. This happened at the height of the day when it was extremely hot and the dog was unable to drink or re-hydrate due to the tight muzzle”.

Fife Constabulary’s contact centre is also experiencing many calls from the public about dogs being left in cars, and owners are being reminded that it takes only a very short time for animals to succumb to the heat. Wherever possible, leaving animals in cars in the full glare of the sun should be avoided.

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