Funeral home targeted by metal thieves


METAL thieves have sunk to a new low – by targeting an undertaker’s.

Shocked staff at the funeral home in Fife were astonished to discover most of the lead lining on the roof had been whisked away.

Around 50 metres of lead “flashing” was torn off the building in Glenrothes earlier this month.

Crosbie Matthew Funeral Directors where the theft took place   Photo – Google Maps

Police investigating the crime said it would have taken the culprits considerable time and needed a vehicle.

The theft is likely to cost Crosbie Matthew Funeral Directors around £3,000 in replacing the material and repairs.

Theft of metal has rocketed across Scotland, forcing the government to bring in tough new rules for scrap dealers.

Funeral Director Mark Daly described the theft as “callous”.

He said: “For something like this to happen in a funeral home, it’s very insensitive.

“It’s a bit upsetting to think someone has done this to a sensitive place like a funeral home, he said.

“Hopefully the police find who did this.”

A spokeswoman for the company added: “It’s a sign of the times. It doesn’t seem to matter who they target now, all they want is scrap metal.”

PC David Armstrong of Fife Constabulary confirmed: “Approximately 50 metres of lead flashing was taken from the roof between the start of May and the second of June.

“The amount of lead taken would suggest that considerable time was taken to carry out this theft and it is also likely that a vehicle was used or involved.”

He appealed: “Anyone who has information regarding this crime is asked to contact Fife Constabulary directly on 0845 600 5702 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

New measures were brought in earlier this month by the Scottish Government in order to combat the growing nationwide problem of metal theft.

The Cut Out Metal Theft campaign will see metal dealers who have an annual turnover of £1 million or less now needing a licence.

It has been estimated that metal theft costs the UK economy around £770 million a year.

Churches and plaques from war memorials have previously been targeted.

Justice Secretary Kenny McAskill, who described the current situation as “untenable” said: “The Scottish Government is taking tough steps to scrap metal theft

“With tough legislation and enforcement we can make a difference, and we will continue to work with police, industries affected by metal theft and the majority of reputable metal dealers to and stop metal thieves.”

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