Owner asked for cash before dog’s remains could be returned


THE owner of a death row dog was told she would have to fork out £144 if she wanted her beloved pet’s ashes returned.

C-Jay was put down after attacking a neighbour’s 17-year-old cat.

The four-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross was the subject of a long-running court case after he escaped and attacked Bobby, breaking several bones.

Tracy was left devastated when her beloved pooch was put to sleep

His owner, Tracy Jackson, of Dundee, went to court last month in a failed bid to challenge the decision to have C-Jay put down

Last Thursday, she got a call to say C-Jay had been put down.

Tracy, , said she received another call yesterday (Thursday) asking her what she wanted to do with the body.

She said: “I got a phone call this morning (Thurs) from somebody who asked if I wanted his ashes or if we wanted him brought back to us.

“Five minutes later he phoned back to say that it was going to cost £144 for his ashes – how can I afford that?”

C-Jay was returned in a box wrapped with black tape.

Tracy, who buried her pet in the garden, said: “I had the box in the kitchen and the smell was just horrendous. Then I had to take him out of the box and take out the plastic bag he was wrapped in.”

She added “I just feel let down. It shouldn’t have happened anyway. For a dog to attack a cat and then go away to a kennel for 10 months and then get brought back in a cardboard box – where’s the justice there?”

“They’ve never let me go and see him. In the 10 months he’s been away they’ve never told me where he was. I think they’re making an example of C-Jay because he’s a cross staffy.”

Ian Rob, chairman of charity Help for Abandoned Animals in Arbroath, has been supporting Tracy after meeting her after C-Jay’s first hearing.

He said: “I can’t understand how anyone could do this to a woman who has been tortured for over a year. Shes’s at home sitting in her kitchen staring at a box with her dog’s body in it.

“I am totally, utterly disgusted that anyone could do that to a poor woman who has been grieving, wondering if she will see the dog again.”

C-Jay turned four on 11 June, three days before his owner was told of his fate.

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  1. WHY are dogs being confiscated and killed,and their owners being punished, for dogs acting like dogs???

    • It’s totally wrong that C-Jay was destroyed and it’s OK for dogs to ‘act like dogs’ – but that doesn’t include being off their own property without supervision and going onto other people’s property and attacking their pets. Are you saying it’s OK for dogs to kill other people’s cats and smaller dogs because they’re just ‘acting like dogs’?
      The owners should be made responsible – not the dogs, who always pay for the owner’s mistakes. I feel so sorry for C-Jay’s owner but it’s only a miracle that the cat survived. No one wins in this situation where people are not keeping their dogs under control – regardless of the breed.

  2. Tracey i am deeply sorry for your loss….this world is all messed up that we live in…there is no love…no compassion with the powers that be…. may your beautiful baby run free with alll the other animal angels xx truly truly sorry for your loss xx

  3. Dog bites one cat = Death. Cat yearly kills thousands of Finches, Sparrows, Dunnocks, Thrushes, Voles, Frogs, Newts, etc, etc… = Impunity. Just about sums up the disgusting hypocrisy and perverse thinking behind the interpretation of law in this country these days…

    • Actually cats aren’t responsible for the decimation of the wild bird population or any other species for that matter. Cats get a bad rap just like Staffies do. Owners should be responsible for their dogs but this sounds as though it was a 1-off incident and purely by accident. No consolation to the cat owner though. On the other hand, very wrong for the dog to be PTS – they could have agreed to muzzle him when out in public. RIP boy.

      • Susie – I agree with what you say. I am now a cat owner but was brought up with both Staffordshire & English Bull Terriers – none of which ever hurt anyone else’s pets. Yes, the cat lived but that is quite frankly a miracle. If you own a dog which is capable of killing someone else’s pet, you have the responsibility of keeping it under control. C-Jay was not on his property when he attacked the cat and was not under the control of his owner. Very sad and wrong that he was issued the death penalty – dogs always pay for the human’s mistakes. Let C-Jay’s life not be taken in vain as so many are – dog owners, please make sure your dogs are contained and under control if they can be a a risk to other people’s pets, for their own sakes as much as anything.

      • Cats kill millions of songbirds every year, and those are just ones which are found by owners. Cats are having an impact on bird numbers. They also impact on dormouse numbers.
        Housing developments have been refused over fears over an influx of pet cats devouring local dormouse colonies and of course, impacting on birds as well.

        • “Housing developments have been refused over fears over an influx of pet cats devouring local dormouse colonies and of course, impacting on birds as well.” ..god you live in a very different place to me, they only refuse housing developments here if someone important complains! i feel so sorry for the dog and the cat, it’s not right to let dogs attack cats, but this was a one off. there was no need at all for the dog to loose it’s life, and btw reece cats also kill some rats and keep their numbers lower, don’t see you complaining about that.

          • I’m not commenting about whether or not the dog should have been put down.

            I have heard stories about developments being refused because of pet cats. I don’t know how frequent this is, but it does happen.

            If cats could stick to rats, I would be fine with that. But they don’t. The damage done by domestic cats is worse than any benefit provided through pest control. The benefits outweight the costs, in my opinion, and there are other methods of pest control that don’t kill wildlife and are just as effective.

    • This was just a puppy not a ‘dangerous dog’,he only did what dogs do and got into a scrap with a cat-which RECOVERED-he didn’t deserve to die.You ought to get a life and start your celebrations only when the 2 legged animals that are human who stab,murder maim with weapons get put down,then and only then you can say a dangerous animal is off our streets.

  4. How incredibly heartless, cruel, disgusting, and unnecessary. I cannot believe that something like this could occur in 21st century UK. Heartbreaking, and really makes this country look messed up all around the world. Perhaps it’s good that it is getting media attention! Gross misconduct on the part of the courts, and grossly misaligned sense of priorities.

  5. I am disgusted at the injustice of this case …… BSL and this out-dated DDA need quashed and immediately, the most vicious dogs are all in toy category yet these dogs are not taken from their families imprisoned and destroyed and why is that? Well for a start the media do not report the amount of ripped faces and scars that these dogs do!!! Yet again the staffy is made an example of my condolences to C-jay’s family who have been treated disgracefully by having their beloved pet returned in a body bag and box …… very shocked by such inhumane behaviour and lack of sensitivity by the authorities shame on them for having no heart!!!!

  6. Im so very sorry for the owner…cats bring home dead animals all the time.I do feel for the owner of the cat too,but when will this end?The cat recovered but the dog was killed,yet if a dog attacks and kills another dog nothing is done.This country really needs to sort out it’s animal welfare laws…rest in peace little one….end BSL

  7. I could cry as dogs have always chased cats, what next cats pts for killing birds, this is just plain bloody stupidity.

  8. I’m sorry for the cat but most dogs have always chased cats. If it was a bearded collie or a labradoodle that had done this I’m sure it wouldn’t have got this far. Maybe the cats owner insisted on the dog being siezed? Perhaps she should have insisted on the cats vets bills being paid instead. So sad.

  9. So sad. Dogs have chased cats since the beginning of time. This is normal dog behavior; it’s simply instinctual. So to kill a dog for being a dog is cruel. The kicker is the cat is fine!! And the authorities just keep adding insult to injury by not letting this poor woman see her dog at all (once again, absolutely cruel!) and then sending his body to her in a box. It’s all so disgusting. I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved dog. Where is the compassion?

  10. This makes me sick.its bad enough to kill a dog, im sad for the cat but he did recover and to have the dog lose his life is wrong! The worst part is he was held away from those that loved him, child murderers get visitation, its unfair to the family and to the dog to have to sit locked up alone and confused and not be allowed at the very least to be comforted in the arms of someone who loves him as he leaves this world. Cruel people, i hope u leave the world the same way

  11. I am so sorry for your loss. This is SO unjust. I am so sorry he was taken from you for just doing what dogs do. I am so sorry you didn’t get to see him for 10 months or to say good bye. I am devasted your last memory of him is burying after being delivered in a cardboard box. The people who did this have done an appalling thing. I don’t know why, but I thought there would be more sense in Scotland, I was wrong.

  12. I am shocked and saddened to read poor CJ was wrongfully murdered – the poor dog should not of been killed – I am not blinkered – I am a cat lover and owner – that poor dog should not of been murdered. I know dogs of every breed from little terriers to collies to labs who are not cat friendly – I know bullbreeds who are. If CJ was a different breed would he of been murdered – no ofcorse not. He was victimised by an unfair and discriminatory system. For those posting mean comments – Im scared to let my cats out now – incase the next time they kill a poor bird or a poor mice and Im not supervising them to stop them – that my poor cat be labelled dangerous seized and murdered for following a natural instinct they cant help! My heart really goes out to poor CJ’s owner – give her – her precious friend back and let her lay him to rest with some dignity – you should not be asking for money for the return of a dog you wrongfully murdered. RIP Sweet CJ – wrongfully murdered by an unfair system – my heart goes out to your mum and what she is going through at this awful time.

    • I have 3 bull terriers and 4 cats. they all live together and sleep together – generally on my bed. i have collars on my cats because they do hunt birds and other small wildlife – this is their nature. a lot of dogs will chase cats and small furries e.g. greyhounds and lunchers and some of the smaller terriers like westies.
      for this dog to be killed for chasing a cat is just ludicrous! what next – i think it was just an excuse because it was a bull breed dog! this is just sickening and wrong.

  13. I am so sorry this should never of happened, Its not nice that any animal should of been hurt but when its a natural thing that everyone knows dog chase cat. cat chase mouse…. etc how can this be against the law.. For the way you have been treated and this is not the first case i have heard of either. Its true to say it takes a life time for a human to learn to love respect and forgive but an animal knows this from birth,. As for Vernon Eldrige comment No comment on here as you disgust me!!

  14. *vernon eldridge* C-Jay was NOT a dangerous dog !! MOST DOGS CHASE CATS. At least he didn’t kill it!! It’s a different story when the cats stalk & kill birds etc., though !!

  15. Tracey my heart breaks for you. You never should have lost C-Jay and I cannot believe who callous those people were to you. Please know you have a lot of support in the US. We do not think you or C-Jay were treated properly.

  16. I am absolutely disgusted that this has happened to this poor dog. I am also very sorry for the cat that it attacked ,however the dog was doing what most dogs do…..chase cats . If anything ,the owner of the dog should have been made to pay the vet fees for the cat and should have had a warning that they should keep the dog under control . When are we going to see that all dogs have potential to injure or harm a child ,adult or another animal through fear or lack of control and that Stafford bull terriers are not the devil dogs some ignorant people tag them as. I do not own a staffie however I would have one as a pet any day . Judge the deed not the breed .

  17. I am extremely distressed and upset at this story,I myself tried to help C-Jay by e-mailing Tayside police,Gerald Sinclair of the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission,SSPCA and even Paul McCartney the latter because of sheer desperation,no one replied and the SSPCA wouldn’t get involved,so much for caring for animals,I’m so sorry C-Jay that I failed you but at least you are no longer living,if that is what it could be called,in a death row cell in fear of your life.This is an example of how uncaring people are and how much of an ass our judicial system is when they can spend tens of thousands of taxpayers money to effectively murder a poor little dog who was just a puppy really.

  18. my cat was killed after someone set their irish wolfhound on him there were several witnesses but the police and the rspca said there was nothing they could do about a dog killing a cat even though the guy had set it on him, i wanted they guy punishing not the dog, this dog only injured the cat most dogs chase cats if it had been a yorkie would he of been killed no he wouldn’t, it seems there are a different set of rules for bull breeds totally sickening and to have the nerve to make the owner pay to get his body back is the sickest most evil thing i have ever heard!!

  19. This is despicable but sadly, not surprising.

    The fact that this poor dog was murdered for doing what most dogs would do is beyond reprehensible. To not allow his family a last visit is heartless and then to treat his body with such disrespect is just beyond any words.

    I hope the cat’s owner is happy with the outcome.

  20. There will come a day when the people that make these idiotic decisions will pay for what they do. Rest assure human beings will not get away with this injustice. It may not be tomorrow, but they will pay for the cruelty they impose on all of Gods creations. RIP little angel.

  21. Why was this baby PTS when all he did was what a dog does unfortunatly for the cat yes but thats nature dont see this happening f a cat kills a pet mouse rat or bird do you its all nature it shouldnt have happened , i feel for this owner very much .

  22. Tracy my thoughts are with you. This is just appalling and C-Jay should never have gone through what he did, it is so unjust. I love cats, if the same had happened to one of mine I would be devastated but would not want the dog to loose it’s life, that is wrong. They way you have been treated is disgusting and your boy deserved far better.

  23. @Vernon….what an ignorant statement. In what way was this dog considered dangerous? As tragic as what happened to the cat is, it does not make him a bad dog. Are wild animals who attack other animals so dangerous? As much as we love our pets and consider them members of the family, we cannot forget that they are still animals with instincts. Unfortunately these things do happen. Thus dog was probably a very affectionate and sweet dog.

  24. im appualed by this its so unjust from the beging to end how could this have gone this far how can they give her dog back in a box its disgusting

  25. I am deeply sorry for your loss Tracy. Nobody should have to endure the pain and heartbreak. I refer to this legislation as what it really is the BS Law! We have it in some provinces here in Canada and its complete BS!! If it was a Jack Russell I can almost bet my life it would have been different. Its discrimination pure and simple considering majority of lawmakers can’t tell the difference between a mastiff and an APBT.

  26. I am so heartbroken to read this. It is bad enough these poor dogs are kept in seclusion, then their loved ones aren’t even allowed to visit. Although that would be bittersweet too. I’ve heard it helps to know people care when you lose a loved one. If that is true you have people here and many places, I’m sure, that care so much. I’m crying right now. Can’t imagine how you feel. Prayers for you.

  27. Almost every vet, when an animal is put to sleep, won’t let you have the ashes until it is paid for.
    This dog was out of it’s owner’s control. Those feeling sorry for the dog should try and imagine if it was their 17 year old, elderly cat that was attacked.
    A four year old dog is NOT a puppy. The owner of the dog should be punished for allowing it to happen. Fortunately it wasn’t a child it attacked.
    Death is not cruel. Life is!
    Owning a dog is a responsibility, whatever the breed.

  28. I am so disgusted that this little dog was put down and now i read that they didn’t even let the owner see him. I am ashamed to be British after this terrible injustice.
    Criminals are treated better than this poor little dog and her family

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