Rabbit Awareness Week to help abandoned Scottish bunnies


A SCOTTISH animal welfare charity fears the rabbit may be Scotland’s
forgotten pet.

More bunnies than ever are being neglected and mistreated, prompting the Scottish SPCA to launch Rabbit Awareness Week, which will run from July 16-22.

The charity hopes to encourage existing and would-be pet owners to consider adopting a rescue rabbit, with the number of them being abandoned or neglected having risen steadily over the past four years.

Animal Care Assistant Josh Wilson, above, with one of the charity's rabbits


Scottish SPCA chief superintendent Mike Flynn said: “In 2011 we rescued a staggering 714 rabbits across Scotland.

“This year is proving to be very challenging as well, with us having already rescued 397 rabbits, and this worrying trend demonstrates why we need to raise awareness of the hardships many pet rabbit face.

“Some rabbits arrive in our care in a terrible state having been denied basic nutrition and veterinary attention, while others are sadly forgotten pets children have grown tired of.

The Scottish SPCA has 70 rabbits in the care looking for good, permanent homes.

Mr Flynn added: “Rabbits are highly intelligent, sociable and can make fantastic family pets.

“We’d be delighted to welcome potential owners along to our rescue centres to meet the rabbit we have waiting for a fresh start in life and a loving new home.”

For more information about rehoming a rescue rabbit call 03000 999 999 or visit scottishspca.org/rehoming.

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