Da Vinci Rapist welcomes protester into his home for late night chat


DA VINCI Code rapist Robert Greens cannot understand why he was re-homed in the same place where he committed his sickening crime.


Greens also told a protester trying to get him moved from Midlothian that he wants to move to England to be with his new girlfriend and just “live his life”.


The 34-year-old invited the protester into his home on the outskirts of Bonnyrigg for an extraordinary, five-hour discussion.


Protesters are outraged at Robert Greens residing in Bonnyrigg


The reviled sex attacker insisted that he would “chop his own hands off before reoffending again”.


Greens was convicted in 2005 of what the trial judge described as “one of the worst cases of rape” they had ever dealt with.


He attacked a Dutch student  near Rosslyn Chapel in Midlothian, which famously featured in Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code.


After attempts to rehouse him in nearby Dalkeith and then Edinburgh, the authorities revealed nowhere else in the UK was prepared to take him.


His new home, just four miles from the scene of the attack, has been besieged by campaigners who want him removed.


Greens complained during his bizarre, five-hour interview with the protester that his nickname upsets him.


Residents expressed anger that Robert Greens is living in their area


The protester, who wished to remain anonymous, knocked on Green’s door and was amazed to be invited in.


The protester said: “He wants to move to south of England to live with his girlfriend, who he met while in prison. He feels he has served his time and now only wants to live his life.”


Greens told the protester that “he hates being housed in the former home of the paedophile William Dunsmore because he hates child abusers and that he wants to leave Midlothian anyway as this is where he committed the offence”.


The rapist, who was a ‘listener’ for other sex offenders while serving five years in prison, also complained that he cannot keep his two Staffordshire bull terrier dogs at his own home.


Greens said he has photos of the pets on his mobile because he is scared people will poison them.


The protester said: “He invited me in and I said ‘yes’, as I thought that it would be good to hear his side of the story.“


During the conversation during the small hours, Greens calmly smoked roll-up cigarettes from his tobacco tin that bore his initials.


He also wore a designer Kangol top, khaki chinos and Puma trainers.


Fears that fireraisers could strike at any time mean police have provided him with a fire extinguisher and installed a panic alarm.


Inside Greens’ house there were  two grey notebooks – one in his kitchen and the other in his front room – which are used to note any incidents for police to check.


There were no family photos and no signs of books or magazines.


Campaigners have led protests to try and make Greens leave his home


Two brown leather two-seater sofas were in front of a flat screen television playing chart music from a radio station.


Apart from the sofas the property was sparsely furnished.


The main difference from this property and a normal home is that there is CCTV located inside the house to monitor the sex offender. The tapes of the footage are locked in his attic where only police have access.


The protester explained: “His main wish is to meet with the protest organiser, Sharon O’Donnell, but only to talk about the protest, not his crime.”


However, when Ms O’Donnell heard of the offer she said: “Nothing he has to say interests me. He is a diagnosed psychopath and as a result is devious and manipulative by nature.


“He just wants everybody to feel sorry for him and I never will. Hell would freeze over first.


“In my eyes he’s a dirty monster and manipulator.”


A Midlothian Council spokesman said: “Robert Greens is appropriately supervised under the arrangements to protect the safety of the public. That does not prevent him from having visitors.”

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