Shocking floods in Perth city centre


Perth has been hit by flooding exactly one year after homes and properties were damaged by heavy rain.

Perth's South Inch fared no better in the heavy rain


Drains around the North Inch and Bell’s Sports Centre burst after rain continued all day across central Scotland, flooding the path and rugby pitches and creating a small loch.

The car park for Bell's Sports Centre is inaccessible


Aarron Sharpe, who took the photographs, lives on a street adjoining the north inch and is amazed by the weather.

“There are fire engines pumping away water from houses and flats so they don’t flood.

“To me, this is just evidence that global warming is getting worse. There needs to be less finger-pointing and more action.

Firefighters pump water away from the buildings along Rose Terrace
The new Perth loch, previously the rugby pitches


“The fact that this is one year on to the day just seems to prove this will become a regular summer sight in Scotland. It’s terrifying.”

Similar sights were seen in Fife, with both Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline suffering the effects of the rainfall.

A photograph shows a car struggling through deep water, whilst police attend flooding on Aberdour Road in Dunfermline.

Police try to help local drivers with the inevitable traffic problems
A Kirkcaldy local photographed the view from her home issued amber weather warnings for central Tayside and Fife, as well as the Lothian borders and Strathclyde.

They predicted persistent rain for the rest of the day, which is expected to move south towards the borders. Localised flooding, as seen in the pictures, is to be common in the amber areas.

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