Da Vinci rapist threatens neighbours


A COUPLE have been forced out of their home after being threatened by Da Vinci rapist Robert Greens.

Caitlyn Nelson, a 20-year-old shop worker, claimed she had to call the police in June following intimidating behaviour at his new home near Bonnyrigg, Midlothian.

She and her boyfriend David Smith, 21, have now moved in with her parents near Dalkeith and said they couldn’t bear to be living so close to Greens any longer.

Greens, 34, was jailed in 2006 for what a High Court judge described as “one of the worst cases of rape” ever dealt with in the court.


Campaigners have led protests to try and make Greens leave his home


Freed in January, he was housed in a cottage just five miles from Rosslyn Chapel, where he raped a 19-year-old Dutch student.

Protest groups campaigned to have him moved elsewhere but it was revealed that nowhere else in Britain would have him.

Caitlyn said: “It was getting too hard every day looking out of the window and we felt caged.

“We had to report him [Greens] to the police for threatening us. It was upsetting.

“We’re living at my mum and dad’s house until other council accommodation becomes available. They offered us temporary accommodation but at £600 per month it was too expensive.

“The house next door to us has also moved out.”

Police confirmed they had attended an incident on June 28 but no further action was taken.

Local protestor Kelly Parry, 29, who lives nearby, said Greens living in the area was affecting the whole area a negative way.

She said: “I saw Caitlyn loading her stuff into the car last weekend and just today I saw the couple who lived next door had left.

“There is a lovely nearby housing estate where homes sell for between £350,000 and £400,000. There was a house that had been sold, but the sale fell through last week because of Greens.”

Parry feels the council need to consider the economic effects that Greens’ presence could have on the area.

“The council keep going on about the economic cost [of Greens], but they haven’t really thought about the implications on the local economy and business.

“Dalhousie Castle is only round the corner and there are lots of businesses in the local Butlerfield Estate. People are going to suffer

“I’m very disappointed with the way Midlothian Council is handing this and I’d like to know what they’re going to do with all the empty houses.”

Greens had not responded to the protest groups until last Saturday, when an unnamed local visited his home.

He was unable to keep his two pet dogs out of fear that local residents would poison them.

He revealed he has a girlfriend in the south of England whom he met in prison and wanted to be free to “live his life” and be with her.

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