Ewan McGregor names Crieff pies as the best in the world


A LOCAL bakery owner was thrilled after one of his pies was proclaimed the “best in the world” by a Hollywood A-lister.

Iain Campbell, who runs Campbell’s Bakers in Crieff, said he was “shocked and pleased” after Trainspotting star Ewan McGregor tweeted a picture of one of his home-made scotch pies earlier this week.

McGregor, who also starred in the Star Wars franchise, posted a picture of a box of the bakery’s pies, writing: “Campbell’s pie. Best pie in the world!”


The Hollywood actor recently joined social media site Twitter two months ago

The Scottish film star, who is originally from the Perthshire town, is currently back in Crieff visiting family.


Even though he is used to A-list Hollywood treatment, it seems what he relishes most from his trips back home from Glasgow is the local pies.


Iain Campbell, whose family’s business is more than 180 years old, said he follows the Obi Wan Kenobi actor on Twitter and was chuffed to see the film star tweet about his pies.


He said: “I follow Ewan on Twitter and was shocked and pleased to see that he posted a picture up about us.


“I figured he was in the area when he recently put a photo up from walking his dog near the River Earn.


“His father and his brother who stay nearby came in the other day and bought the pies – his dad even taught me at school.


“I think the comments from Ewan were the best way to say ‘thank you’.


“We have even gained 40 more likes on Twitter since he tweeted the picture,” he added.


“I would like to thank him for his kind words and if he needs to stock up before he leaves town then the pies are on me.  You can take the man out of Crieff but you can’t take Crieff out of the man”.


MacGregor, who has more than 70,000 followers on Twitter, only joined the social media site two months ago.



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