BNP to join protests against Da Vinci Rapist


BNP LEADER Nick Griffin has been accused of “cashing in” on protests against Da Vinci Rapist Robert Greens.

The leader of the far-right party is expected to attend a rally tomorrow in Dalkeith, where he will address the crowds demonstrating against the convicted sex attacker.

The BNP will meet at the Adventure Playgound in Dalkeith before heading to the town centre where demonstrations against Robert Greens will begin.


The BNP was founded in 1982

Residents began to protest when Greens was re-housed to Bonnyrigg,  four-miles away from where he raped a Dutch student in 2005.

David Orr, BNP Scotland’s national organiser, said: “I phoned Nick about the Robert Greens protest and he agreed that it was disgusting that this guy has been re-housed back in the community. He straight away agreed to come and support the people of Midlothain.

“The BNP is against any sex offender being re-housed in the community regardless of race or ethnicity, they don’t deserve to get out of jail or even breathe again.”

The political group have previously been accused of attempting to disrupt and politicise the protests against the rapist.

Members of the Scottish Defence League attended recent protests outside Midlothian Council offices in Dalkeith.

A spokesperson for the Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Alliance said: “Nick Griffin is putting in an appearance in an attempt to cash-in on the local protests against Robert Greens. Local BNP activists have been infiltrating the protests- pictures can be seen of known fascists holding placards with the Pro Fam logo, which is a BNP front group.”

The ‘Get Robert Greens Out of Midlothian’ campaign has more than 14,000 supporters and has been very quick in distancing itself from any fascist links with the BNP and the Scottish Defence League.

Kelly Parry, protest leader, said: “We were donated those placards and accepted them in good faith. These guys just turned up at the protest and began handling them out. They just read ‘Pro Fam: Protecting the Family,’ nobody had a clue as to their political connotations. In actual fact we turned away a number of people who arrived wearing BNP t-shirts.

“As a campaign we do not support or condone the views of the SDL or BNP in any way, in fact we strongly oppose their views.”

The BNP’s law and order and anti-sex offender stance has recently come under fire due to the actions of their own members.

Ian Si’ree, a Rhyl BNP organiser, was convicted of making and possessing 138 illegal images of child sexual abuse in June.

Lancashire member, Nigel Hesmondhalgh was put in prison for 9 months after photos and videos of children in a degrading manner were found on his computer in 2011.

Meanwhile in 2010 Darren Francis,  aNorthampton BNP activist, was imprisoned for having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl. Police described him as “every parents’ worst nightmare.”

David Orr, commented on the offenses made and said: “Like I said before whether you are a member of the BNP or not, if you commit any type of sex office you do not deserve to get out of jail or even breathe.”


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