Human remains have been recovered from a WWII wreckage


A WORLD war II RAF Spitfire has been recovered along with human bones in the Scottish Borders. The plane is believed to have crashed in Westruther, Berwickshire in 1943.

Lothian and Borders Police began its search today of the wreckage for human remains. They were contacted last weekend by a voluntary group who specialise in excavation and recovery of WWII aircrafts when they discovered a number of bones at the scene.

A spitfire crashed in the same area on the 16th of January 1943 where Sergeant Malcolm Eric Edward Greenlaw, a 20-year-old pilot, crashed.

The investigation will hopefully help identify who the bones belonged too


Body recovery officers and search officers are working with anthropologists from Dundee University’s Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification, to recover any sign of human remains.

Lesley Boal, Detective Superintendent, said: “Our primary objective is to safely and securely undertake a dignified recovery of any other human remains present at the previously excavated site.

“While we are unable to confirm identification at the moment, the next of kin of the deceased pilot has been contacted and we will continue to keep them updated.

She added: “An initial report has been submitted to the Scottish Fatalities Investigation Team of Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Service.”

The search of the site is expected to be completed by tomorrow at the latest-weather depending.

Police will continue to liaise with the Ministry of Offense as the investigation continues.

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