Co-accused in Anna Gristina “vice ring” case may give evidence against her

Pic: Dschwen

THE Scots “madam” accused of running a high-class prostitute ring in New York has been dealt a blow after it emerged her co-accused may give evidence against her.

Anna Gristina, 44, originally from Kirkliston, Edinburgh, has always denied allegations she was madam of a multi-million dollar vice ring for 15 years, supplying £1500-a-night prostitutes to rich clients.

The mother-of-four insists she was merely running a matchmaking service.

But in a surprising twist, it is believed that her co-accused Jaynie Mae Baker – dubbed the “hooker booker” – has reached a plea deal with prosecutors and will now give evidence against Ms Gristina.



Baker was due to appear alongside the Scots accused at court today for the pair’s first joint appearance, but Baker’s court date has now been postponed to October.

Ms Gristina’s lawyer, Norman Pattis, said: “All I know is that neither she nor her counsel will be appearing. That suggests she cut a deal.

“If she testifies against my client, we’ll be ready for her,” he added.

Ms Gristina, who is currently being held in New York’s Rikers Island jail, was known in Edinburgh as Anne Tennant. She left Scotland for America at the age of 17 following the death of her father.

She was arrested earlier this year after an undercover operation by the police.

It has been alleged she has a black book of dozens of rich bankers and high profile clients. Baker was said to play a key part in the escort agency.



The maximum sentence for Ms Gristina, who denies all charges, would be seven years.

In return for giving evidence against Ms Gristina, Baker could avoid jail and receive a suspended sentence.

Ms Gristina was reportedly unconcerned with her former colleges deal, saying: “She’s a good girl, she doesn’t deserve to be involved in this.”

Last month is was revealed accused Gristina was considering a return to Britain after her trial because she does not feel welcome in the United States any more.

She  claimed that justice in America is so arbitrary that prosecutors could ‘put a ham sandwich in jail’ if they wanted.


“Guilty until proven innocent”

Gristina, speaking from her 200-acre farm in Monroe, New York State, as she awaits trial for allegedly making £6million over 15 years from a prostitution empire.

She said: ‘I might elect to go to my homeland, I don’t know if I want to live here any more. I just feel the justice system is not like it is in Europe where there’s right and wrong and there’s boundaries.

“Here the district attorney can just pluck you off the street, make an allegation and you’re guilty until proven innocent. You can indict and put a ham sandwich in jail.”

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