Edinburgh Panda Celebrates 9th Birthday


Hip hip hooray! A very big happy birthday is in order as Yang Guang celebrates his ninth birthday on 14th August, which is made doubly special as it is also his very first birthday on Scottish soil.

This boisterous boy is the first half of the UK’s only panda pair to turn nine, and will be shortly followed by Tian Tian, ten days later on 24th August.

Edinburgh Zoo’s keepers have a few surprises in store for this birthday boy to enjoy. A lot like most nine year olds Yang Guang can look forward to tucking into his birthday cake, which will be a special panda head shaped cake, made to a secret recipe. As well as this Yang Guang will also find a whole load of exciting panda pressies spread throughout his enclosure; the different sized boxes — made from some of his favourite varieties of bamboo poles, a bit like edible wrapping paper — will be covered with some honey and if that wasn’t a panda’s idea of heaven already, there will also be a few tasty chunks of apple and carrot hidden inside for Yang Guang to discover.

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