Bra Queen Michelle Mone confesses an unusual habit


SCOTS bra queen Michelle Mone has admitted accosting women in the street and forcing them to try on her bras.

The multi-millionairess, from Glasgow, confessed to her unusual habit on Twitter today, prompting one of her friends to joke that she was a “sex pest”.

The 40-year-old, who has an OBE and has made £39m with her underwear range, said there was no excuse for women to wear ill-fitting bras.


Michelle recently split from her husband of 20 years in December.



She spoke out against “four-breasted” women on Twitter, saying she had taken it upon herself to stop this unsightly problem.

Tweeting her 148,822 followers today, Mone wrote: “Yes I really did take a girl’s bra off in the street at 1am in Mayfair & fit her with samples I had. No need for bad fitting bra.

“Ladies hope you won’t mind me coming up to you if I see your bra riding up your back or spilling out creating four breasts! I’m watching.”

Her comments prompted one of her friends, Glamour magazine editor Jo Elvin, to joke she was a “sex pest”. Mone replied: “haha!”

On Twitter, followers seemed to admire the entrepreneur’s bra accosting ways. One, Ellen Kavanagh, tweeted: “Good! There have been sooooo many times I’ve wanted to do that to people. Say no to the four boob look girls!”

Another, Mark Davidson, added: “You know you’re the only person in the world that would get away with that!”

One tweeter, Jacqui Wright, joked: “You will end up getting a reputation.”

But one Twitter user, Christine Riley, took offense, tweeting to Mone: “Bad fitting bra can also be due to poverty I’m a single mum and wearing same bras for years as I can’t afford to buy one.”

The Ultimo businesswoman, who split from her husband Michael in December – after more than 20 years of marriage, is a keen social networker.

In May she urged Michael Bublé lookalikes to tweet pictures to her personal account.

She said: “We’ve now got Michael Bublé’s wife, Luisana, who is stunning.

“And I have to say, I’m in love with him as well. If there is a lookalike Michael Bublé out there, you can call me. You’d need to be able to sing as well. You’ve got to be in key for ‘Still haven’t met you yet.’”