A dead sheep in Edinburgh? Ewe must be joking!


A DEAD sheep was found lying on a road in the middle of Edinburgh.

Police were called after passersby spotted the animal lying on Pennywell Road in the Pilton area of the city at 8.20pm on Sunday.

It is understood the sheep was already dead when it was dumped on the pedestrian crossing outside Muirhouse Shopping Centre.

The sheep is believed to have been dead when it was dumped


Baaa-ffled onlookers took to Twitter to try and find out how the ovine beast ended up in the middle of the road.

Even Famous writer Irvine Welsh said: “If I was Drylaw polis I’d have every Pringle wearer in for questioning. Big O.T. opportunities.”

Local lad Callum Kane, who shared the picture on Twitter, said: “haha check it mate. Aww you need is a bag of chips fi Jerrys and you’ve got a haggis supper on the go.

The animal was removed by officers and an investigation is now underway.

Police were alerted by a passerby who first noticed the dead sheep


A spokeswoman for Lothian and Borders Police said enquiries were ongoing into how the animal came to be on the road.

She said: “Police were called to Pennywell Road yesterday evening after a dead sheep was found in the roadway.

“Officers attended and the animal was removed, and enquiries are now under way in order to establish the circumstances surrounding the incident.”


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