Michelle Mone causes storm by telling child abducters “you deserve everything you get”


SCOTTISH entrepreneur Michelle Mone has caused a storm by telling child abductors: “You deserve everything you get”.

Mone, is a board member of a charity that helps to rehabilitate offenders, but she tweeted today that people who harm or abduct children are beyond help.

Her outburst came as police continue the hunt for missing April Jones, five, from Machynlleth, Mid Wales, who went missing on Monday.

Michelle is on the board of the Princes Trust


Mone’s comment caused a storm of protest from some followers who said she should not be expressing such views whilst being a council member for the Princes Trust – an organisation that offer prisoners and ex-prisoners support.

But others backed her remarks, saying they agreed with the outspoken Scot’s opinions.

Michelle Mone, who has an OBE, made the comment to her 155,633 followers on Twitter today, when she wrote: “I sit on Board of Princes Trust, help offenders, drug abuse etc but if you harm abduct a child you deserve everything you get.”

Her comments were immediately criticised by some Twitter fans, who labelled her views “barbaric” and “crazy”.

One follower, Simon Hayter, hit out at the underwear tycoon: “That’s just a crazy idea. We have moved on as a society from those barbaric times.

“They need help and rehabilitation, not sentenced to death. It hasn’t worked in the past, change needed to how we move forward.”

Another Carl R, said: “The trust is about second chances. Are you sure you sure you should be on that board?”

Scottish Comedian Janey Godely also waded into the row, tweeting the multi-millionairess: “We cannot bring back hanging or killing those who kill, for one Christians wouldn’t back it, can we be God? Should we?”

Some tweeters were quick to jump to Michelle’s defense however, with one, Emma Lightfoot, writing: “Totally agree with you. I gave my little four-year-old girl an extra tight hug tonight. really hope April is found safe & well.”

Dani Grieveson added: “Totally agree with you, anyone who interferes in precious and innocent childhood with malice should be punished #commonsense.”

The Princess Trust offers offenders under the age of 30, 12 months of support from a volunteer while in prison and after leaving in order to help them adjust to life outside prison and help to rehabilitate and cut down on re-offending.

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