Brothers create new Irn Bru flavoured curry


By Neil Pooran


CHEFS have married Scotland’s other national drink with curry to create the Iron Bruna.

Brothers Abdul and Akbar Ali have blended the famed orange fizzy drink with bhuna sauce.

The result, they claim, is a mild curry with a distinctive after-taste of Irn Bru.

Half a can of diet irn bru is used in the unique curry recipe

The Iron Bruna was created at their Kismot restaurant in Edinburgh to mark National Curry Week.

Akbar Ali, 32, said: “We thought, we like Irn Bru, we like curry, why not make it into a curry?

“It’s just as hard to make as normal curry but it’s a matter of timing.

“Different spices need different times on the heat. With the wrong timing and wrong amount you can destroy it.”

The Kismot restaurant have created other unusual curries in the past including haggis curry and chocolate naan bread

Roughly half a can of the non-diet version of the drink is used in the recipe.

Depending on how popular the Iron Bruna proves it may become a permanent fixture on the menu, he said.

The restaurant’s previous culinary creations include haggis curry and chocolate naan bread.


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