Resident radar guns hailed a success


RESIDENTS armed with police-issue speed guns have caught out almost 150 speeding motorists.

The community speed-watch scheme in Dunfermline has issued 137 warning letters to speeding drivers since it started in April.

Locals were trained to use police radar equipment to catch out the offending motorists.

Drivers cannot be issued with penalty points or fines but it is hoped that the warning letters will shame offenders into paying more attention to speed limits.

Volunteer Bill Young said: “The scheme has brought to the attention of the driving public an awareness of the boundaries and limits applicable in those areas.

“Only time will tell us if the effects become more permanent.

“In general the dissenters have been outweighed by the supporters and on many occasions residents have approached us and expressed their interest and gratitude for the effort made by the volunteers.”

The project is located in nine known speeding hotspots.

Mr Young continued: “It is hoped that the receipt of such letters will encourage drivers to be more cautious in the future especially that two of the locations are near primary schools.”

Fife Police said they were delighted at the response of the scheme and were pleased with the work of the volunteers.

A police spokesperson said: “Community Speed Watch has been a successful road safety initiative in Fife and public involvement is key to the success of the initiative, and key to creating safer communities in Fife.

“I am delighted that our communities are actively participating in addressing community issues in Fife such as speeding through their villages and near to their schools.

“Anyone who is interested in becoming involved in or setting up a Community Speed Watch in their local area, should raise this matter at their next Community Engagement meeting, or contact their local community officer for more information.”