Investigation launched as sick internet troll mocks tragic teen


POLICE are hunting a sick internet troll who is tormenting the friends and family of a Scots teenager who died of a suspected drug overdose.

Billy Robson, 16, died last Tuesday after he and a group of friends were taken ill at a house party in the Scottish Borders.

A Facebook page called Rest In Peace Billy Robson, now removed for breach of user conditions, was  set up by an anonymous user.

The sick Facebook page that disgusted friends and family of Billy Robson


But instead of allowing friends to pay tribute to the agriculture student from Kelso, visitors are confronted with numerous, mocking references to his death.

There are graphic and deeply offensive references to drugs and Hell as well as videos of people wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and a horse head dancing to music.

The content has outraged grieving friends and police today confirmed they were trying to track down the person responsible.

The page was set up on October 24, just two days after Billy died after collapsing at a friend’s house in Newton St Boswells.

One friend wrote: “I really don’t understand the person that has made this page, why they feel the need to say disgusting things and post foul pictures of someone that has lost their life.

“Think you need brought down a peg or two, wonder what it would be like if they lost a member of their family, or what their family would think of this disgusting page, your as much a low life as the people you say we are!”

Another friend of Billy’s said: “This has all been reported to the police and Facebook – they can track your IP address and find out who’s been posting these disgusting things. Enjoy prison.”

Billy’s brother, Sean, stepped in to issue an emotional plea that read: “Do not rise to this little immature little f***, just ignore him and make [a private] page.

“It’s a big world out there and there’s always someone going to be like this. Just remember Billy in your own way, RIP Billy xxxx.”



The sick troll, posting as Rest In Peace Billy Robson, even taunted Billy’s friends about their grammar and spelling.

He asked: ““Is it just me or are Scots just illiterate delinquents?”

Another post read: “If I speak broken English and have no enunciation combined with lack of grammar, does that make me a Scotsman?”

When individuals then warned the anonymous poster they would be arrested the sick troll boasted about he would never get caught.

He wrote: “LOL please, let the police try. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that rubbish.”

The poster boasted: “These ip address tracing and police arresting me statements are flattering and all, but I get these all the time.

“In time, people will forget about this, and guess what? Nothing will happen to me lol. There was one chap on here who said he was coming after me, and I am STILL waiting, like for the other people who said they were hunting me down.

“But you can always try, besides, police can’t arrest animals.”

A Lothian and Borders police spokesman said: “Lothian and Borders Police are investigating after offensive material was posted on a social network site following the death of a 16-year-old male in Newton St Boswells.

“Anyone who can assist with our enquiries is asked to come forward.”

Police have not revealed any further information about events leading up to the tragedy, or about the cause of Billy’s death.

However, just hours before he died the teenager made reference to “getting f*****” the same evening.

Billy’s friends have claimed other references were to his love of fudge rather than drugs.



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  1. This troll goes by the name Harry the Horse, also adding other variants to new YouTube channels like Breyer and Critic. The user has made another Facebook channel apparently and has a Twitter account. Harry had HarryTheHorseCritic banned from YouTube due to saying he’s glad Amanda Todd died, and is supported by other YouTube trolls like Pipweed and UnbornSinner.

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