Speech therapist who ignored child patients agrees to be struck off


A SPEECH and language therapist who ignored hundreds of patients has agreed to be struck off.

Elizabeth Ashford, who worked with NHS Lanarkshire, failed to complete around 208 case files.

These included a child suffering from a cleft palate whom she discharged, only noting the fact with post it notes.

She also discharged another patient with no documentation despite the involvement of social workers in the child’s case.

At a meeting of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) in Edinburgh today (tue) it was heard she no longer wanted to practice as a speech and language therapist.



She admitted 15 charges, including that she “failed to complete approximately 208 case files”, which related to a period between 2003 and 2011.

Mrs Ashford agreed to be removed from the register in order to protect the public.

The HCPC charges mentioned 13 children, who were not named, for whom Mrs Ashford failed to complete case files.

One said she “discharged a patient with a Cleft Palate (Child J) and only documented this with post it notes in the file.”

Another said she: “Discharged Child M with no documentation on the case file, even though the child had social work involvement”.

The charges also state she “failed to provide a Child patient who had medical needs, with another appointment”.

She was also accused of failing to provide evidence she contacted a school regarding her assessment of a child.

Another charge says she “discharged Child H with only the information “Did Not Attend” (DNA) in the case file.”

A patient named as “child E” was discharged without documenting any information on file, and she failed to provide another child with medical needs with another appointment.

The HCPC said the charges constituted “misconduct and/or a lack of competence”, and her fitness to practice was said to be impaired.


Presenting officer Akua Dwomoh-Bonsu (corr) told the HCPC committee meeting Mrs Ashford’s employers had referred her to the regulator.

She said: “On 22 November last year it came to [NHS Lanarkshire’s] attention that there had been poor record keeping and case notes over a period of eight years.

“The HCPC then undertook investigations and presented the allegations to the investigations committee panel.

“The panel believed there was a case to answer. From an early stage [Mrs Ashford] has experienced a desire to be removed from the register.”

Ms Dwomoh-Bonsu read out a statement from Mrs Ashford, which said: “I resigned from my position in November 2011. I have no intention of resuming my career therefore ensuring public safety.”

Mrs Ashford admitted all the allegations against her.

An NHS Lanarkshire spokesman said: “This individual is no longer employed by NHS Lanarkshire and it would be inappropriate for us to comment on the disciplinary cases of current or former employees.

“When a disciplinary issue occurs, these are investigated and dealt with in accordance with our human resources policies and procedures.”

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