New app to let hotel guests order room service from their mobiles


GUESTS at two Scottish hotels will become the first in the country to treat themselves to room service using a new mobile phone app.

The establishments in Edinburgh and Dunfermline, Fife, will rustle up anything from a light snack to a huge meal all without the guest having to speak to a member of staff.

As well as being handy, the smartphone app also allows hotels to offer a much broader range of room service options that a traditional printed menu allows.


The QikServe app, currently on offer at two Best Western hotels, has already been used in bars and restaurants.

After guests check in and download the free app they can scan a “QR” code in their room which will tell hotel staff where they are when they place their order.

It connects via WiFi or mobile data connections, and guests will see the room service fee added to their bills when they check out.

Ronnie Forbes, CEO of QikServe, said: “We have seen great progress with our app being taken up in the casual dining sector, so hotel room-service was a natural next step.

“Making that big order of food and drinks for your room now becomes that much easier.”



Russell Imrie, managing director of Keavil House, Dunfermline, and Bruntsfield Hotel, Edinburgh, said: “We are very confident that the novelty and ease of placing room service orders by this method will increase room service revenue.

“The app is configured to offer many more items of food and drink than are normally offered on a standard printed room service menu, which increases guest choice and improves the chances of a higher average spend.”

Mr Imrie continued: “The hotel business is all about differentiating against the competition, giving guest satisfaction and increasing brand loyalty, and QikServe gives us an edge in these areas.”

The app is only available on Apple or Adroid-powered devices at the moment, but Windows and Blackberry versions will be rolled out soon.

A hotel in Glasgow, the Citizen M, already offers guests the option of changing the coloured mood lighting in their room.

The “mood pad” can be used to select a variety of colours at the £59-a-night hotel.

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