Scottish schoolboy donates life-savings to help Hearts


A SCOTTISH schoolboy has tried to donate his life-savings of pocket money to buy shares in Hearts football team.

11-year-old Ciaran Cairns, from Edinburgh, went to the club office on Thursday to pledge £50 that he had saved from birthdays and pocket money to buy shares in the Midlothian club.

Fans were encouraged to buy the shares after Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs issued them a winding up order over an unpaid £450,000 tax bill on November 1.

Ciaran wanted to help Hearts out by donating all of his pocket money to shares in the club



Unfortunately the keen footballer was turned away because he is too young to buy shares but has now been adopted by fans as the unofficial posterboy for the Save Hearts campaign.

Ciaran, who has been a season ticket holder since he was two-years-old, explained why he wanted to donate the money.

He said: “If I had any other money I would have given it to the club, too.

“I was only going to spend it on computer games- this is much more important.

“I’d hate to see them going out of business.

“I’ve been all over Scotland watching Hearts and have been to London to watch them play, too.”

The primary seven pupil explained that his favourite memory of the club was watching them win in the Scottish Cup last year.

He added: “I’ll do all I can and am going to try to persuade my school friends to chip in as well.”

Corinne Cairns, Ciaran’s mum, said she was extremely proud of her son’s decision.

She said: “I’ve been a Hearts fan for years and go to the games with my mum, Joyce.

“I guess I passed it on to Ciaran. He’s become fanatical about them and goes to all the games.

“Last week after he found out about Hearts’ problems he just came to me and said ‘I don’t want them to die.’

“Then he said he wanted to give up all the money he had been saving up to the club.

“It was an amazing gesture and one he decided on his own. It’s pretty big-hearted.

“He’s daft about the team and plays football for a local team in goals.

“On Thursday he went in to the shop with his gran to buy shares and staff couldn’t believe his generosity.

“Word soon spread among fans and it wasn’t long before all the fan forums were speculating if it happened or not.

“I just want to let people know it’s true and we can all follow Ciaran’s example by doing all we can to save the club.”

Fans also praised Ciaran’s actions last night on Hearts’ websites.

One person who posted on Jambos Kickback said he was in the shop when Ciaran went to buy shares.

He wrote: “I was struggling not to greet in the queue.”

Another person who posted said: “I don’t think I’ve ever used the word ‘legend’ for a wee laddie.

“But Ciaran, if you’re reading this, you’re a legend mate!”

A spokesman for Hearts said: “Ciaran’s generosity has touched the Hearts of everyone at Tynecastle.

“His gesture underlines just what Heart of Midlothian FC means to every supporter, young or old.”

Other dedicated fans of the Edinburgh-based club have said they are taking drastic measures to donate to the club.

Salman Sarwar, owner of the Brauhaus pub on Lauriston Place, said he is going to donate an entire day’s takings to help the club’s survival.

The 28-year-old believes his gesture will help raise a small fortune and inspire other fans to go above and beyond to save the club.

Initially Mr Sarwar intended to buy a stake himself but realised he could raise even more for his team by sacrificing a day’s takings which will go directly to shares in the club.




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