Sir Chris Hoy admitted to hospital


OLYMPIAN Sir Chris Hoy has revealed he was admitted to hospital for a stomach virus at the weekend.

The 36-year-old, from Edinburgh, had to spend a night in hospital after falling ill with a mysterious bug.

Cyclist Hoy tweeted his 418,000 followers this afternoon: “Had a rough weekend with a stomach virus, including a night in the hospital. Pleased to say I’m on the mend and back training now.

Sir Chris Hoy spent one night in hospital with a mystery stomach bug


Dozens of fans were quick to offer the six-time Olympic gold medal winner support.

Follower Zainab Walji tweeted: “Oh no! Am so glad you’re feeling better now,” with Ken Adams adding: “Glad to hear you’re ok and you’re back on track with your training.”

Vicky Dagget tweeted: “Sounds horrid, there’s lots going around….hopefully you’ll get better as fast as you can cycle.”

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