Mystery Grinch unplugs tree lights next to police station


A MYSTERY Grinch has been unplugging the lights of a community Christmas tree – right under the noses of the police.

The seasonal Spruce from Norway was erected by Edinburgh City Council at the start of November.

It was set up right next to Drylaw Police Station as a way up of encouraging “festive cheer” but keeps getting switched off

The tree has been switched on and then off three times.

There are also said to be tell-tale signs of human meddling such as broken branches where it looks as if someone has tried to climb up.

Residents are also annoyed the Christmas culprit has not been caught despite being just yards from the local police station.

Frances Durie, chair of West Pilton and West Granton Community Council, recalled that this is not the first festive problem regarding the community tree.

She said: “We had a problem a few years back where we had to put the lights up at the top of the tree as the ones at the bottom kept getting vandalised – it’s not very Christmas spirited.

“You’d think the police would be a bit more vigilant given it’s happening right outside the station.

“Hopefully the council can put a cage or something around the switch – a cage round whoever is doing it though would be even better.”

Retired civil servant Karl Johansen, 63, who lives opposite the tree said: “For many years the residents have enjoyed the Christmas tree opposite the police station.

“This year the tree was installed on November 1 but now over a month and a half later is still stands in darkness.

“I thought it might be something to with the cost and the council pulled the plug – it’s something else to think that somebody has been turning the lights off each time.

“When lit, the tree helps to bring a bit of festive cheer to the area so hopefully it will stay lit from here on in – it’s rather depressing looking at an unlit Christmas tree.”

Councillor Cammy Day, Edinburgh City Council’s community safety leader, said: “It is extremely disappointing that the Christmas tree on Ferry Road continues to be vandalised.
“This mindless act not only wastes our time and taxpayers’ money but more importantly spoils the enjoyment of the tree for residents.”


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