Lorraine Kelly consults lawyers over diet pill advert


SCOTTISH presenter Lorraine Kelly is consulting lawyers after her face appeared alongside an online advert for diet pills.

The advert was spotted on social networking site Facebook which showed Kelly’s face next to a link to a website for weight-loss supplements.

Her lawyers are now investigating the incident which made the star appear to be endorsing the pills.

The diet pills  are described as “highly concentrated, 100% pure, raspberry Ketone fat burning supplement.”



It read: “Lose two stone in four weeks? By following these two all natural tips, she lost two stone in four weeks.”

The Daybreak host took to her Twitter account describing the fact her face was used within the advert as “very cheeky indeed.”

She later wrote: “This is nothing to do with me. Please ignore- lawyers on to it.”

The diet pills which are featured in the advert are described as “highly concentrated, 100% pure, raspberry Ketone fat burning supplement.”

Two bottles of the pills with set you back £22 and claims to “burn more fat and produce weight loss results faster than other leading brands.”

Kelly, 53, dropped two dress sizes last year but did not resort to diet pills.

She was doing a desert trek in Kenya to raise money for Comic Relief which resulted in her losing over a stone.

After the charity trek, she said: “I don’t weigh myself.

“But I must have lost over a stone because I’ve gone from a size 14 to 10.”

The online advert also included the web address for a London gym.

Kelly’s staff contacted the exclusive gym this week after the advert was spotted.

But the management of the gym have flatly denied any responsibility for the advert and have lodged a complaint with Facebook.


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