Krav Maga


SCOTTISH troops heading to Afghanistan to battle the Taleban have been given life-saving lessons in an ultra-violent Israeli martial art...Soldiers were taught how to gouge and bite enemies during the ?kill or be killed? training in Krav Maga at Dreghorn Barracks, Edinburgh...The no-holds barred fighting technique was developed by the Israelis and has been used to deadly effect by the country's troops and agents...Soldiers from 1 Scots hope the savage, close quarters combat training could save their lives as they head for the bloody battlefields of Afghanistan...Fifty soldiers from a casualty replacement platoon took part in the Krav Maga training last month. Since then, five have already been sent to Afghanistan and another 10 are on standby...Krav Maga instructor Marcus Houston said the new technique would help men fight without their weapons...Krav Maga instructor Marcus Houston taking the class pins a solider to the ground (Duncan S Simpson/DEADLINE NEWS)

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