Edinburgh’s 40 mph zones to be reduced to 30 mph under new plan


ALMOST all of Edinburgh’s 40mph zones will be reduced to 30mph under a plan by council chiefs.

Around 25 major routes will see the 10mph reduction in the speed limit in a bid to protect pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists.

Officials have pointed out that survival rates are substantially higher for those hit at 30 mph – around 80% – compared with the 20% survival rate for those hit at 40 mph.

But Neil Greig, director of policy at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, urged council chiefs only to consider the speed reduction in areas with a history of accidents.

He said: “We favour looking at this on a street by street basis. Drivers make their speed choices based on the road environment and if a road feels safe at 40 mph then more will understand and stick to it.

“If a road feels 40 mph but is a 30 mph then inevitably speeding will take place and the calls will come for enforcement. If that enforcement is by safety camera then the council will open itself up to accusations that they are just trying to raise money.”

Lesley Hinds, city transport leader, said: “We want the main arterial routes to stay 40 mph because traffic needs to flow. But in built-up areas we need to

change drivers’ habits in terms of speed.

“You only have to look at the statistics from the government on someone being hit at 40 mph to know the lower the speed, the better the chances of survival.”

Another safety proposal in front of the council will see streets near schools shut for up to half an hour during the rush hour.

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