Mother sends bullying victim letter of apology for YouTube video


THE “ashamed” mother of a girl filmed attacking a fellow pupil has issued a letter of apology to the victim claiming the footage made her “physically sick”.

Last week a two-minute YouTube video emerged where a petite bully from Wishaw in North Lanarkshire attacked a 12-year-old boy by repeatedly punching his head.

The victim – who was a foot taller than his attacker – stood motionless as he was beaten and was heard saying “I don’t hit lassies”.

The apology letter – which was handed to the family’s local paper  – admits their 11-year-old daughter had behaviour issues and blamed the vicious act on stress caused by a split between parents.

The letter reads: “I don’t know what to say or even know where to start with apology.

“Being a mother myself I can’t even begin to know how your family must be feeling.

“I am so ashamed and embarrassed in my daughter’s behaviour. I would like to say I am so hurt and saddened by what she done.

“I would also like [boy’s name omitted] to know he has my full support and his family.

“I’ve been worried by [daughter’s name omitted] behaviour for a while now due to the split with me and her father.

“She’s been going around with older girls and her behaviour has been very unacceptable.

“I really do hope by her actions she knows how many people she has angered and hurt within the family and outside of the family. I do know this behaviour will not be tolerated.

“I am sorry this letter took so long to reach your family as I could not bring myself to put pen to paper how ashamed, embarrassed and hurt I have felt by my daughter’s actions.

“Yours sincerely, mum and family.”

The mum – who did not want to be named – also said: “I’ve watched the video once but couldn’t bear to look at it again. It was disgusting.

“I thought there was something wrong when she came home that day as she was very quiet.

“When I asked her she just said she’d been in a fight with a boy.

“The following morning some friends contacted me and told me about the video. I almost didn’t recognise it as my daughter.

“It was out of character as that’s not how she normally behaves. I am so ashamed, embarrassed and hurt by her actions.

“I just want her to realise the hurt she’s caused and for her to get back to being the girl I know she can be.”



The sickening clip which was filmed by another pupil on a mobile phone on Tuesday last week was uploaded on Facebook.

It shows the female pupil verbally assault her fellow first year student by swearing at him.

She then attacks the boy, grabbing his throat and repeatedly punching him in the face.

During the assault she goads the bigger boy to retaliate but he refuses and at one point says, “I don’t hit lassies”.

It has been viewed by thousands on YouTube sparking a wave of outrage.

The embarrassed mother also hit out at other social media users who have set up ‘hate pages’ on Facebook aimed at the girl.

The mum added: “I know what my daughter did was terrible and I’m so sorry she behaved like that.

“But it’s very difficult to read these vile, disgusting comments about your own child, especially when she’s just 11 years old.

“Although she’s aware that things have been written about her, she hasn’t read them herself as she doesn’t have a computer.”

The young bully and another 15-year-old girl – believed to be the person who filmed the incident – have been referred to the Children’s Panel.



Commenting on last week’s incident, Pamela Graham from anti-bullying campaigners Respect Me, said: “What may have begun as a bullying incident culminated in violence – the video is evidence of physical assault and it should be treated as such.

“While we agree that the girl involved needs to be held accountable for her actions, there’s a risk that as these videos go viral the people involved get demonised – as was evident from the comments posted about her on sites across the internet.

“Responses of this kind aren’t helpful – it’s the behaviour that needs to be challenged and addressed.

“We need to ensure that those incidents which aren’t recorded don’t go unnoticed. Every incident needs to be taken seriously and the impact on all of those involved has to be dealt with.”

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