Little Panda Meets Giant Panda


.A THIRD panda tuned up at Edinburgh Zoo this week - six-year-old Panda Wakefield...The schoolgirl, who was christened Panda as her parents loved the name, got up close to her namesake at the Zoo as part of a school visit...Clutching her own panda, Tiddlywinks, she was delighted to get a look at the rare bears she adores, and beamed as female panda Tian Tian clambered around her enclosure...Panda's primary two class from Craigclowan Preparatory School in Perth visited the zoo, which received the pandas in December 2011, on Thursday...Panda's mum Pinkie, from Perthshire, says she and her husband loved the name before she was born.. (Duncan S Simpson/DEADLINE NEWS)

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