Doctor in Caesarean bungle set to work unsupervised again


A DOCTOR who left a Caesarean patient in pain because he gave her too little anaesthetic is set to work unsupervised again.

Dr Jacques Vallet was placed under supervision for a year following the blunder at St John’s hospital in Livingston, West Lothian, in November 2009.

The French medic injected diamorphine directly into the woman’s spine but failed to administer a local anaesthetic.

The woman felt “scraping and scratching”, and the procedure had to be delayed so she could be fully sedated.

In February last year Dr Vallet was given strict conditions of practice by medical watchdogs following a disciplinary hearing, including that he must retrain and work under supervision.

But at a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) review hearing later this month he could have these conditions removed.

In the woman’s own testimony during the hearing she confirmed she had been in pain during the procedure.

Despite realising his error in not administering the local anaesthetic, Dr Vallet did not inform surgeons.

A colleague later noted that the woman “does not really remember much of events of yesterday although remembers being sore at start of C-section”.

The panel last year determined: “It is necessary for the protection of members of the public, in the public interest and in Dr Vallet’s own interest to make an order imposing conditions on his registration.”

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