Tian Tian the panda goes head over heels


A VIDEO of female panda Tian Tian’s acrobatics at Edinburgh Zoo has left staff wondering if she is limbering up for love.

A video clip of Tian Tian playing with the “enrichment ball” was posted online by the zoo, where she performs a forward roll over the toy.

But male bear Yang Guang was uninterested in any fun in the run-up to Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

SCT_PANDABALL_DN01The three-minute YouTube video, filmed by panda keeper Alison Maclean, shows Tian Tian playing with the ball in her enclosure.

A laughing bystander says in the video: “I think we can safely say that’s a hit.”

Pandas only have a tiny 36 hour window of opportunity each year in which to breed, and in April last year a romance between the bears at Edinburgh Zoo failed to get off the ground.

SCT_PANDABALL_DN02Ms Maclean said: “Yang Guang just took one sniff at his ball, turned his nose up and wandered off — we think he just wasn’t interested as he couldn’t eat it!

“He definitely prefers food-based enrichment like honey, panda cake and apples.”

She continued: “We’re planning on rolling Yang Guang’s ball around in Tian Tian’s hay to cover it in her scent, so we imagine he might suddenly get interested in the ball then.”

SCT_PANDABALL_DN03Keepers will give the pandas the balls every few weeks to keep them a novelty, with different scents each time.






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