Gordon Ramsay superfan gets chef’s face tattooed on her leg


A SUPER-fan of Scots chef Gordon Ramsay has taken her devotion to a whole new level by having his face tattooed on her leg.

Mum-of-two Melissa Boyer said she fell for the fiery chef because he reminded her of partner James.

The 30-year-old, from Rugby, Warwickshire, surprised her family by getting the 15cm tattoo just above her left ankle.

She made the last-minute decision as she waited in a tattoo salon.

Gordon Ramsay has taken up pride of place on Melissa Boyer's leg
Gordon Ramsay has taken up pride of place on Melissa Boyer’s leg


Fierce ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ star Ramsay, originally from Johnston, Renfrewshire, showed his appreciation by re-tweeting a snap of the tattoo to his 1.5million followers on Twitter.

Melissa, who lives with her partner and two young children, said: “I was ecstatic when he re-tweeted the picture I sent him. I have never met him before but I would absolutely to you!

“My partner used to be a chef and was very fiery in the kitchen so I always joked that he reminded me of Gordon Ramsay.

“I hadn’t planned to get the tattoo beforehand, but when I was sitting there deciding what to do it just came to me, it was a surprise for my husband and he loved it!”

Melissa, who works as a nail technician, said the tattoo took just an hour to complete and cost £90.

Melissa and "Ramsay-like" partner James Martin
Melissa and “Ramsay-like” partner James Martin


She said: “I have lost count of the number of tattoos I have, definitely more than 50.

“The only other portrait I have done is of my dog on my calf.

“I love watching Gordon’s shows and my dream is for James to take me to Claridges in London, that’s what I would really love to do.”

Melissa had the tattoo done at Jekyll and Hyde Tattoo Company in Rugby.

She has two children, Jack, 6, and three-year-old Freya.

She added: “They both love the tattoo and can recognise Gordon straight away. We let them watch some of the cooking shows, that don’t have the bad language and they love to watch him too.”

Melissa’s tattoo caused quite a stir on social media after Ramsay tweeted it to his 1.5million followers.

Kelly Rogers tweeted the star: “Did you ever have any idea that some day, many people would tattoo your face on their bodies?”

Beth Donahue-Weedman added: “You’ve officially arrived! ;)”

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